Wednesday, November 17, 2010

kfc double down - adouble disappointment

while watching the gma 7 coverage of the manny pacquiao - antonio margarito fight i saw the ad for the new kfc double down....the tvc must have been played over a hundred looked after the fight i went to kfc (sm city lucena) to sample kfc's new's a bunless sandwich....instead of buns they have two original flavor chicken fillets....bacon strips, cheese and mayo dressing in the looked was weird eating soft and oily fried chicken without buns or rice.....the fried chicken was too soft and too oily to be eaten without buns or rice....i didn't find it good for what filipinos call mag-papak...coz the idea is like that.....mag-papak ka ng manok.....i was expecting the fried chicken to be firmer (i can't think of a better word)....and the bacon was there but when you eat it, it's as if it's not there.....labo.....and the mayo was too it like that  in all their branches?....i hope in other branches the kfc double down will taste better.....

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