Thursday, February 17, 2011

Joey Pepperoni and their Delicious Chicken Fingers

Do you like eating pizza? I'm not really a fan of pizza. It is not something on top of my list of favorites. In other words it is not something I usually crave for. Don't get me wrong. I eat pizza whenever it is there. But again, it is not something I will look for during lunch or dinner time. So why am I saying this? I just want to say that it is rather unusual for me to go to a restaurant that is associate with pizza -- which is what I did the other day. We went to Joey Pepperoni. Well, it is not really a pizza (alone) store but the pepperoni in the name suggests it is one (at least for me). We didn't intend to go there, really. We were at the Fairways Towers in Taguig to go to this 'burger house' that they say serve good burgers. When we got there we found out that the 'burgers' are too pricey.....ah ...say, P 400++ for a burger. At P 400 I could get 10 burgers in other stores. So we checked out the next restaurant which happens to be Joey Pepperoni. We got in and asked for the menu. There were several delicious sounding dishes listed but I couldn't choose easily because my mind is still thinking of 'burger'. So we just ordered chicken fingers with fries. I also ordered one of their 'promo' meals. I got the Hungarian sausage with rice worth P 99. Other choices are chicken strips and meatballs. 

The chicken fingers looked and smelled great. They actually tasted great. The breading is crispy. It didn't taste like 'bread' or fried flour (?). It actually has a taste of its own ( as in flavored ?) but blends well with the chicken. It is not like the other chicken fingers I've tasted wherein you can really separate the taste of the coating and the chicken (as in as easily distinguishable as the parts of a boiled egg  -- shell, white and yolk). The fries that came with the chicken fingers where also good. They come in thick and long strips. Both the chicken fingers and the fries are not too oily. They are fried just right so the color is also good. Oh, and before I forget, they come with fresh tomato dip. The serving of the dip is small but you can ask for extras. 
When the Hungarian Sausage was served  I got a bit disappointed. The serving was small -- too small for me. There were just a few slices of the sausage and a small cup (squarish) of rice. The size of the sausage slices suggests that the whole sausage must be just as small or a tiny bit bigger than the canned variety. It was really far from what I expected. But  boy was I surprised by the taste. Great. Yumyum! Hmmmmm! Yumyum. Well, I still feel the serving was too small but I love the taste.
After dinner we had coffee outside. It was chilly so it was perfect for hot coffee. Their coffee was too strong (which is actually what I like) but you can ask for an extra cup of hot water if you want to dilute it a little. Assmall cup costs P 80.

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