Thursday, August 02, 2012

Eat All You Can Chips - Bottomless Tostada Chips at Chilis

I had a blast last night at Chilis (Power Plant mall, Rockwell, Makati City). I already had dinner so I told my friends I won't be eating much. They ordered Boneless Buffalo Salad and Bottomless Tostada Chips. I said I'll only eat the Tostada Chips.

I super like the Tostada Chips - warm, thin crispy chips with salsa. Unlike other chips - nachos - in other restos, Chillis' Tostada chips are really thin. They're not 'hard' to chew. Even without salsa the chips taste great. But the salsa is also great especially if you like spicy stuff.

The best part is that it's "eat all you can". They'll give a big basket of chips which they refill empty the basket. What's surprising is that you can actually "take-out" the left over. They even fill the basket again before they put it in a bag.

I asked the guy who served us if they put a limit on the number of people who share the chips. He said they do not. You can actually be a big group and they wouldn't mind if you share just one basket. Isn't that great? You can get a basket of their Bottomless Tostada Chips for only P 330.00.

*Note: The Ranch dip for the Boneless Buffalo Salad also goes well with the chips.

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