Friday, June 21, 2013

Man of Steel at Giligan's

I watched Man of Steel the other day at IMAX, SM Mall of Asia. I've been wanting to watch Man of Steel after hearing/reading good reviews about it but I never had the time to so when somebody invited me and I was free, I said yes right away. I was really excited. Besides, I haven't been to IMAX in a long while.

The movie was good. It didn't disappoint. The reviews I read were right. It was really entertaining. The visuals were really awesome. They looked believable. It is  also interesting to note that the present Superman showed more 'emotions' than the previous Supermen (does the rule apply here or should it be Supermans since it's a proper name anyway?).

The supporting cast were good. I must say, however, that I thought Diane Lane was Sharon Stone made to look old. I don't know why so please don't ask me.

Anyway, what I want to really tell you in this blog is that we ate at Giligan's after watching Man of Steel. This is a food blog, right? Haha

We chose Giligan's because we were 5 and somebody told us that they have 'group orders' that are affordable. Their group orders are divided into two. The F group and the S group. The F group (F1, F2, F3, etc.) is good for four hence the F label and the S group (S1, S2, S3, etc.) is good for six. Since we were 5, we ordered from the S group -- we had S3.

S3 has fried squid heads with sweet and spicy dip, fried pork liempo, sinigang na baboy, beef steak with bean sprouts, lumpiang shanghai, 2 big plates of steamed rice and 6 glasses of iced tea. The serving of the different viands aren't big but since there are several kinds, all of us had enough (or at least I think all of us had). We were only 5 so I don't think it could really serve 6.

The sinigang is what I likes most. I am not really fond of sinigang na baboy but I liked theirs. I also liked the fried squid heads. The shanghai is okay -- it was fried just right. The liempo was also okay but nothing really outstanding. The steak tastes like the ordinary carinderia variety. I'm not saying it was bad. It's just that there is nothing really special about it.

For P 835 (P 139 for a group of six), I think it's a good deal provided that not all of you are men who are big eaters.

If  you have needs like the Man of Steel, I think this package isn't enough --  even if you eat it alone. Wait a minute, I just realized, I didn't see Superman eating anything in the movie. Did he eat in the past versions?

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