Monday, September 02, 2013

Hotsilog made Sosyal - Korean Hotsilog ?

Last Sunday, I accompanied my friend who went shopping in Glorietta. We walked all over the place which made me really hungry. After about a couple of hours walking I asked my friend if we could go to the Food Choices to eat. I didn't have anything in mind that's why I chose the place where there are lots of options. My only consideration then was I wanted to eat something heavy and cheap.

When we got there my friend ordered lamb chops at Go Greek and I just had Umo Rice Garlic Sausage at Kim 'n Chi. My order is worth only P 85.00.  Heavy? Check.

Umo rice is fried rice "wrapped" in fried scrambled egg. In effect, the Umo Rice Garlic Sausage is like hotsilog or combination of hotdog, sinangag (fried rice) and itlog made to look different (made to look  sosyal haha). The sausage is just an ordinary sausage -- nothing really  special about it. And it's not really garlic flavor. You'll get the garlic taste from the mayo dressing they squeeze on top. In my mind it's just hotsilog so I think P 85 is a little bit too much because you can have tapsilog in your friendly tapsilogan stores for about P 50 - P 60 only. But then the serving of rice is big so I guess it's acceptable.

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