Friday, October 10, 2014

Series/Movie Marathon Companions -- Best Food for Marathon Viewing

For the past few weeks I've been reviewing for the International Friends TV Series Quiz Bee. I've started watching the series again to refresh my memory about the characteristics of the 6 lovable characters. I had to watch from Season 1 to know how they've met. I've forgotten the names of Joey's sisters. I've also forgotten the story behind Phoebe's family tree. And I can't remember Rachel's sorrority. Who is Ross Geller's first wife? How about Monica's doctor-lover? Of course I remember Chandler's dad is gay, but when did he come out? Now I'm in Season 8. Almost ready for the Quiz Bee.

Okay. There's no Quiz Bee. I've been watching it just because I want to. It's really funny, you know. And it gives you hope that there are people who can be your really good friends.

Anyway, since I've been doing a lot of viewing marathons, I've decided to list down the best marathon snacks to have. This list is based on my experience with the Friends marathon as well as the Game of Thrones. Oh, and before I forget, also the Suits marathon.

PEANUTS. This is probably the best series marathon companion  one could ever have. It's probably the food version of the wash and wear haircut. What? Don't ask. I also don't know where that came from. Anyway, what I want to say is that after you've opened the pack, you are all set. You can have it straight from the pack or unload everything in a bowl and your good. The best choice of Peanuts for me would be Chedings from Iligan City. It's oven rosted peanuts. Their spicy version is also great. But if you have no way of having Chedings, Growers is still available in supermarkets. And if you really have no time to buy at the supermarket, your friendly neighborhood sari-sari store for sure has peanuts for you. Adobong mani, P10 per scoop. Yeah!

CORNICK. Just like peanuts, cornick is also a wonderful series or movie marathon companion. Another wash and wear food. Yeah! Cornick comes in different flavors so you won't easily get sawa. If you have the chance, I suggest you buy Chichacorn from Vigan. But if it's too far (I know it is), the good old Boy Bawang will come and save the day for you.

While you're at it, you can mix PEANUTS and CORNICK. Heck, you can even throw in some green peas. Remember Sunshine? NO? That's sad.

PIZZA. This is something you can have if you intend to watch during periods that would cover lunch or dinner. It's definitely more filling than PEANUTS, CORNICK and GREEN PEAS combined. But pizza is not wash and wear (yeah, this again). I mean it is messier, right? Plus you have to squeeze hot sauce or sprinkle salt and pepper on top. That would take you a few seconds away from what you're watching. That's unacceptable. But then, it's better than stopping longer to get a full meal. My favorites are Yellow Cab (4 cheese), Shakey's (anything that's thin and without olives), Pizza Hut (bacon cheeseburger) or Patricia's (the cheapest but still delicious - available at Cash and Carry, Makati City).

POPCORN. I'm not really a fan of popcorn but I know many like popcorn while watching movies so I included this. Besides, I also like some popcorn flavors so I might as well mention this. Chef Tony's Popcorn is definitely a good choice. Original Caramel is good but Cheesy Jalapeno is my favorite. You can also have Tater's Popcorn. My favorite flavor is wasabi. It has a very strong wasabi flavor. I warned you. Anyway, Tater's has big  take out packs that's perfect for marathon viewing.

CHIPS. Another wash and wear. I get sawa easily so I have to have different kinds and flavors. Basics for me are Clover Chips (Barbecue) and Nova. If I'm feeling a little bit generous (to myself), I buy a tube of Pringles. I buy at the Cash and Carry. I like the thin chips. Much better than the local version - makapal at matigas. The red tube tops my list.

PRAWN CRACKERS. I like prawn crackers. I remember cooking prawn crackers when I was still in elementary. Besuto. That was the brand I liked. You can have prawn crackers but make sure to cook a lot before you start watching. Put it in a container with lid to keep it crispy. If you don't want to cook, Chowking's Chicharap will do. I actually like Chowking's Chicharap.

That's about it. I know there are still some more but I have to stop now so I could finish Friends soon. You see, Carrie Bradshaw is waiting for me.

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