Friday, May 27, 2016

The Best Ramen in Town - Vest Ramen in Town by Erra's Grill

I found myself alone last night. All my friends have their own activities to attend to. So i decided to check out this ramen place I've been meaning to try since I've read about it in a food blog a few months back. The place is called Vest Ramen in Town by Erra's grill. I wasn't sure if they meant Best Ramen or what but since the blogger recommended it, I decided to give it a try.

The blog said it is a no-frills ramen house. It's located along a busy street in Malate, Manila. It is an open place, no walls to 'separate' you from passers-by. Yes, you'll get to inhale free smoke from cars, dust from the street and eveything else that's there.

Anyway, I got there at around 8 pm. The place was packed but lucky for me, a table was vacated. A couple, a foreigner and a Filipina just paid their bill and took off.

I was surprised when I saw their menu. You can get Shoyu Ramen for only P70. I got tantanmen worth P100. For P20, I got pork add-on. You can have egg for an additional P15 and spice for the same amount.

My order was delivered on my table in under 15 minutes. It was fast considering the place was really full.

The Tantanmen was very good. The noodle was cooked just right. The broth was not as creamy as I would have wanted it to be but it tasted quite well. It has just the right spiciness. It has just a few greens. Just like the place, the ramen looks plain but it was simply good.

Would I come back for it? YES. Would I recommend it to my friends? YES. But I would warn them that it is a simple ramen house, it looks like a carinderia, it has no airconditioning system (obviously, it's open air) and the seats are made of plastic.

Value for money, this place is.

Vest Ramen in Town is along Adriatico St. cor Nakpil.

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