Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bon Chon and Wee Nam Kee, Ayala Triangle

I had a great experience last week at the Ayala Triangle. I had dinner at Wee Nam Kee with two good friends but prior to that we had 'appetizer' at Bon Chon (as if we needed appetizer!). Bon Chon serves chicken cooked the Korean way. It looks like your regular fried chicken with crispy breading except that there's a 'glazed' effect. It was probably glazed actually because the breading doesn't crumble when you take a bite. There is a spicy variety which is the one I like. If you love spicy food you will love this one -- really spicy. But for those who can't tolerate the 'heat' , do not worry because there is the regular variety.

bon chon - korean chicken

At Wee Nam Kee we ordered roast chicken, fish fillet with bean curd and tausi. We also had chicken rice and sweet corn soup. The roast chicken is their specialty (we couldn't have enough of chicken that night, lol). It was good because the flavor was not concentrated on the skin alone like how it is with most roast chicken in the market but in the meat as well. The roast chicken was also tender. The fish fillet was also good but the chicken was the  real winner. The sweet corn soup is creamy. It was also heavy on the tummy. One small cup is already filling. Overall, food was great. The only disappointment was the soda. I didn't like the taste of their lime juice. Too sweet. It tasted like it was poured out of the bottle just a few seconds before it was served. Tasted like some cheap juice concentrate. I should have stayed with the tried and tested Coke.
sweet corn soup

fish fillet with bean curd and tausi

roast chicken


Anonymous said...

They don't serve Coke products at Wee Nam Kee.

thoughts said...

they don't?...anyway thank you for that information...next time i'll try another drink...do you have anything to recommend?

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