Wednesday, January 05, 2011

How to Lose Weight Gained During the Holidays

Many of us gain weight after the Christmas season. There are lots and lots of party invitations during this season and one cannot really refuse any them lest they be labeled party-poopers. Of course, all these parties have tons and tons of fatty foods and overly-sweet desserts which no one can deny are all fattening. Beer and other alcoholic drinks are also part of every party and we also know that they contribute to unwanted weight gain. Given all that, I know we are all looking for the best way to lose these unwanted pounds gained during the holidays. I am also looking for one. So here are some of the suggestions I got regarding how to lose weight.

The top diet to lose the Christmas pounds is the no-rice diet. I say this is the top because this is what I always hear every year. Every January I would hear people say I will not eat rice anymore so I will lose weight. This no-rice diet is actually what is more popularly known as No-Carb diet. What you need to do, according to this diet, is to totally remove carbohydrates from your diet so you must avoid rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. Many say they have really lost weight through this method. However, always remember that carbohydrates are part of our basic needs so totally removing them from your diet might just be dangerous. This is probably why there is an alternative to No-Carb diet -- the Low-Carb diet. 

The next one is the Dukan diet. I just saw this on TV a couple of days after Christmas. It was developed by Pierre Dukan, a French physician. It is a high-protein, low-calorie diet. Some internet reviews say it is similar to the Atkins diet. Anyway, according to the internet (again!), Jennifer Lopez used the Dukan diet.

Then there is the HEBA diet which I just heard from a relative. She said she also heard it from a friend. I have not seen it on the internet so I don't think there have been formal studies regarding this. I do not know if this is effective. Anyway, it is called HEBA because you are supposed to eat only hotdogs, eggs, bananas and apples. No! You are not supposed to eat them all everyday. This is how it goes -- hotdogs only on the first day, eggs on the second day, bananas on the third and apples on the fourth. You are supposed to eat only 5 of each. On the remaining three days of the week you can eat anything as long as you do not overeat.

I don't know which one  will work for you but I'm gonna try the no-rice diet. I know I can do it. Yeah right! I can probably do it for a day or two but I'm sure I'm going to go back to my normal diet soon after.

My wish is for you to succeed in your diet. Tell me which one will work for you, okay? 

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