Monday, March 21, 2011

Lenten Season - Where to Eat Especially on Fridays Part 2

This is the continuation of my post last week regarding restaurants and fast food chains that offer fish or other seafood dishes. I have here three additional restaurants/fast foods that you can consider.
Wendy's is offering Shrimp Sandwich Supreme for their customers who want to abstain from meat on Fridays. I can't remember if they had Shrimp Sandwich Supreme in the past. What I'm I remember is they offered Shrimp Sandwich. Yes, that Supreme must mean something. I must say this SSS taste good. The shrimp 'patty' isn't hard when you bite it unlike in the past. And the cucumber dressing tastes good as well.

Next is Crepes & Cream. Yes! I know! I know! This place is usually associated with desserts what with the good number of sweet crepes they have. But they do serve other things. They have Savoury Crepes. They have different choices good for all the Fridays of lent like smoked salmon, spicy tuna onion, smoked milkfish and kani mango. The servings are big -- good even for those who have big appetites. 

You can also try Reyes Barbecue. They serve grilled bangus. Their bangus is grilled well. It remains juicy after grilling. It comes with fried rice and atchara.

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