Friday, April 01, 2011

Lenten Season - Where to Eat Especially on Fridays part 3

It's Friday again and time to abstain from eating meat. have you tried out the restaurants I suggested (Lenten Season 1 and Lenten Season 2)? Here is a few.

Try XO kitchen along Jupiter St., Makati City. I suggest you order their Squid Ink Rice and their salt and pepper squid. Yeah! I know! I know! They're both squid. But who cares? They both taste good and they taste good together. Try it. Try it now.

Try Amici also. They have seafood pasta and seafood pizza. The seafood pasta that I strongly suggest is their new one. Just ask any waitress and she'll surely be able to tell you what new one I'm talking about. I'm sorry I didn't get the name because I was kinda in hurry when I ate there the last time. We only had like 30 minutes to spend for lunch so I failed to grab my pen and paper (and not to mention my camera). Don't worry coz next time I'll surely order it again.

 Happy eating!

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