Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cafe France - Red Grapes and Coffee Buns

A few weeks back, my friends and I was driving around Makati to look for a good place to eat. We couldn't decide where to go so we were going round and round. We saw lots of restaurants but we still couldn't decide because there will always be at least one who would say "I do not like to eat there". Then we saw Cafe France. We didn't stop because we want a place were we could have a heavy meal. But the place made an impact when one of them said the name Cafe France in a very funny (for me irritating) way. She was trying to sound French and she failed miserably. HAHA. From then on they would always laugh every time we pass by Cafe France. They would say the name in that irritating manner just to tease me. The thing is, since that time also, I began seeing other branches that I never noticed before. I thought Cafe France is haunting me.

One evening - I was with another set of friends - we went to UN cor Orosa St in Manila to go to Starbuck's. Unfortunately, that Starbuck's branched is no longer there. Since there was a Cafe France in the other corner we decided to just go there. That was my first taste of Cafe France.

I ordered Red Grape Shake and coffee buns. The Red Grape is worth P 120. The others had Mango Locco (P 120), Cafe Mocha (P 100) and Caramel Frappe (P 135). A coffee bun is worth P 40.

The coffee bun looks as soft as sponge. Actually it is not. The outermost portion is sweet and crunchy.  This is the part with the coffee flavor. Inside it is soft. It has a small hallow portion where they put melted butter.

The coffee bun with the crispy crust.
That hallow portion has melted butter. It's yummy!
The Red Grape Shake is good because it is made of real grapes. You can feel the bits and pieces of grapes when you sip. It gets to be too sweet as you near the bottom but I was able to finish it just the same. I'm not so into sweets so the fact that I was able to finish it should tell you something.

The Red Grape and Mango Locco. Those are tall glasses.
The Red Grape has two or three whole grapes.
That's the Cafe Mocha there in the middle.
That's the Caramel Frappe
The Cafe France I've been to is the one at the corner of UN Ave. and Ma. Orosa St. It's near PhilAm Life. You can also find Cafe France in SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Place, Manila, somewhere in the Makati Business District and South Luzon Expressway (in one of the gasoline stations). I'm sure there are other branches. If I'm not mistaken Cafe France used to be Deli France. Is it still owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation?

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