Wednesday, May 04, 2011

San Marino Tuna Paella and Century Tuna Paella Compared

A few days ago I wrote something about San Marino Tuna Paella. That time I thought there is only one brand of canned tuna paella in the market. It was a week after I wrote that review when I found out that Century also has its own version of it. I was in the supermarket buying San Marino when I saw the other brand. I like comparing things so my immediate reaction was to return the San Marino and get the Century Tuna Paella. I wanted to know which one would taste better.

The Century Tuna Paella looks like San Marino in many ways. It's colored orange (the way home-cooked paella looks). The rice is topped with a few chunks of tuna. It also has green peas and carrots. Oil is also evident. If there is one major difference that you will see, that is in the rice. Century's rice looks 'hard'. It's difficult (I was tempted to write hard instead of difficult.) to describe. It just looks hard. True enough, when I ate it, the rice is really hard. It's I think in the way it was cooked. Not enough water was used. Funny thing is there were actually portions where I found uncooked rice grains. I wasn't really able to enjoy it because of this. It just didn't taste right because the rice is hard. But of course, the tuna chunks taste good - after all it is from the tried and tested Centruy.    

I might have to try it again to find out if this 'hard' rice is just an isolated problem. Maybe the other batches they released are better.

Like San Marino, Century Tuna Paella is also available in easy-open can. It's also perfect for camping, picnic and other outdoor activities where you need to go light.

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Ashley Madison said...

Meron ding tuna paella and century na brand ha? May nakita ako sa (, pero hindi ko lang alam kung kelan nag na roon ng paella yung century kasi ang alam ko talaga nauna yung san marino mag labas ng ganun flavor. Pero mas type ko yung sa century kasi hindi sya masyadong basa unlike nung sa san marino.

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