Friday, June 03, 2011

How to Save on Food in Boracay

This weekend is the last weekend before classes begin for the grade school and high school in public schools and some private schools. But for college students they still have a week off so I'm sure many are still planning to go out to the beach to have fun. And I'm sure many are thinking of going to Boracay.

So what does this have to do with a food blog? Well, here are some suggestions on how you can save on food in Boracay.

1. There are many 'lechon manok' outlets in Boracay. There are several Andoks branches there - from station 1 to station 3. Ooops! Is there Andoks in station 1? Anyway, you can buy affordable food at Andoks. Don't worry because they are not an exclusive chicken store. They serve other dishes there.

2. There are a lot of carinderia's at the D' Talipapa and at the back of D' Mall. There you can find affordable dishes - from adobo to calamares, bopis to crispy shrimps and menudo to fried crablets.

3. Check out the restaurants at the beach front. People have this notion that restaurants there are expensive. Yes, many of them serve expensive dishes but a lot also have affordable offerings. To be safe, ask for the menu before you get in and get a table.

4. Bring canned food and instant noodles. Most of the hotels there give free hot water anyway so maximize this benefit.

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Diana Jane Cervantes said...

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