Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Do You Like Your Egg Done?

How do you like your  egg done?

Boiled? Sunny  Side Up? Scrambled?

I like scrambled eggs specially if I'll it with rice only. I like it because I don't get to taste a bit boring white and a more flavorful yellow separately. It's nice when they are mixed because the whole thing then tastes great. I like well scrambled with some salt and pepper to taste. It's also nice with onion, garlic and tomato. I also like it when milk and cheese are added.

If it's sunny side up I like it done 'rare' (in other words not 'well done'). I usually put it on top of my rice before I break the not-so-cooked egg yolk. I like seeing the yellow portion slowly flowing down the heap of rice like lava on an erupting volcano. Okay! Fine! That's not an appetizing way to describe it. Anyway, it nice when the yellow mixes with the rice. I like sunny side up with rice and hotdog or ham.

Boiled egg is something that I'm not really fond of. But if do have to eat it I prefer it soft boiled.

How about you?, How do you like your egg done?

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

hardboiled or sunny side up (well done) :D

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