Friday, July 29, 2011

Starbucks - Paseo de Magallanes

Welcoming security guard! Pleasant baristas! Honest service crew members! These are the qualities that best describe the people working in Starbucks along Jupiter St. (the one going to EDSA) However, the same cannot be said about the people working in Starbucks at Paseo de Magallanes. Well, the guard when we went in was not very polite. He didn't open the door for us nor did he greet us good evening. This is totally the opposite of the guards at Starbucks, Jupiter St. The guard when we left was good enough to hold the door for us (a different guard) but he didn't say the usual thank you or please come again. The baristas said some pleasantries when we placed our orders but they already looked tired so I couldn't see much sincerity in what they said. The baristas in Jupiter are such happy people, I must say. Then before we left, we asked for water. The crew said, "There is water near the counter!" Like we do not know! The people in Jupiter gladly serve us water when we ask. We seldom ask actually. We do this only on rare occasions like when we are really tired. Besides, he could have said it nicely if he really didn't want to serve  us. Anyway, I hope they try to improve their service next time.

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punky06brewster said...

I will never go back to Starbucks Magallanes, never.

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