Monday, February 17, 2014

Hogalbi Korean Grill Restaurant

We did an ocular in Pasig City for our Educational Tour last January. We visited the Pasig City Discovery Centrum, Dolljoy Museum, Pasig City Rainforest (RAVE) and Las Farolas. Visiting all those places was very tiring especially the rainforest tour. So to re-energize us, we  had buffet at  Hogalbi Korean Grill restaurant at Tiendesitas.

The buffet costs P 650. They have ready to eat food, sushi and sashimi, bibimbap, grill and shabu-shabu.

The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The chef even took an extra mile by giving us grilled prawns which we actually didn't ask for. Maybe he saw that we weren't trying their grilled offering so he just grilled some prawns for us.

Here are some pictures of the food we had at Hogalbi. I'm telling you it's really worth the price.

Hogalbi Korean Green Restaurant -  Tiendesitas Pasig City

Grilled Prawns


Delectable Dishes


Salmon and Uni (sea urchin)

Salmon, Tuna, Octopus

For Grilling and for Shabu-Shabu

Warning: Left Over Charge is P 500

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