Friday, March 21, 2014

Lenten Season: Friday Seafood Choices

The lenten season has already begun that's why for many of us Catholics, Friday means abstaining from meat. And sometimes it is a challenge looking for restaurants that serve good yet affordable seafood dishes. So here are some of my usual go-to places during this season.

Chowking: they serve bangus (milkfish) that is tried and tested. Thy also have kangkong with bagoong. And if you really wanna go light, they have plain tofu.

Jollibee: they also serve bangus particularly for breakfast. For snacks they have tuna pie.

Tropical Hut: they serve fish fillet with  rice and fish fillet sandwich.

McDonald's: they serve fillet-o-fish which is also very popular.

Chic-boy: sizzling bangus sisig is a good choice.

Tokyo Tokyo: california maki and kani salad are good choices. They also have shrimp and vegetable tempura.

Sa Kanto; subukan  nyo marami namang fishbolan dyan. Mura pa.  


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