Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Food Club - another eat all you can/buffet restaurant in the metro

Buffet restaurants are becoming more and more popular lately. When Vikings became famous, other "old" buffet restaurants became "in" as well. And not only that, new ones were also established. One of the newest buffet restaurants in the metro is The Food Club. It is relatively new so it  is also relatively easier to get a table any day of the week.

The Food Club has, as expected, a wide array of food to choose from. Of course, for those of you who've been reading my posts would know that the first thing I looked for is the Japanese section. I was not disappointed because they have what I wanted to eat except for uni. Actually, unlike other buffet places they have uni. However, we came a bit late that evening so it's no longer available. I can't say though if this is because they have really good uni that a lot of the diners had it or they just had a small amount available to begin with. Anyway, at least I can say they have it.

Next to Japanese, I also look forward to the seafood section. The Food Club really made me happy in this area. They have shrimps which happens to be my favorite. They have shrimps in the cold section -- it's I think steamed before they put on top of the ice cubes. They also have shrimps fresh and alive -- they'll cook it for you upon request. In the grilling sections you can also find shrimps "on sticks".  Oh, and there's also ebi tempura.

They also have various dishes from all over the world -- China, Mexico, Italy, etc. They have Peking duck, century egg, nachos, tacos, various kinds of cheese and cold cuts, bread of different kinds, soups, etc.

For those who are a feeling guilty because of all these meat products and seafood they have lot's of greens too in salad area. I'm sure having some of these vegetables will help you feel a little less guilty haha. Right next to the salad area is a small kimchi place.

Sweets. Oh,  they have lots of desserts for the young and old alike. They have fresh fruits if the vegetables were not enough to lessen your guilt. They have various cake slices too. I love the one with pistachios. There's also a chocolate fountain --  with fruits and mallows on sticks. Ice cream and halo-halo they also have. And something I didn't see in other buffet restaurants that caught my attention -- a candy bar. :)

For drinks, you can have fruit juice, shake, coffee, beer and I think wine.

We didn't make any reservation when we went there. We actually decided we would go lunchtime of that day. When I called i was informed that they no longer accept reservation -- by phone or in person -- but we can be "walk in" customers. I told the girl I was talking to that we would be going that night to try our luck. She said there's a chance we could get in. Then she said they would even be giving 30% off that evening because some of the air-conditioning units are not properly working. It was not as comfortable as I would want it to be because of the "broken" ACs but I didn't care -- 30% off means P300 savings.Yes, buffet dinner at The Food Club costs P1000 plus P50 service charge.

The Food Club is at the Bluebaywalk, Diosdado Macapagal Ave. cor. EDSA. It is in that complex where the Project Pie is (this is my next project).

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