Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yakimix Greenbelt 3 -- My Favorite Yakimix Branch

I had dinner at Yakimix Greenbelt 3 last week. It's the 3rd branch I've been to and I must say it's my favorite Yakimix branch. I've been to Yakimix Tomas Morato (which is closed already) and Robinson's Ermita but this one is the best one for me.

What I like about this branch is the interior design. It has an elegant appeal to me. The two others seemed small and too crowded. Whatever "elegance" they tried to put was somehow lost in the sea of people.

Aside from the ambiance, I also like the fact that they have more sushi and sashimi choices in Greenbelt. They also have better dessert choices.

Another plus point for me is that they change the grill pan often. No need to request. They change it as soon as they see you've finished grilling.

 Try this branch out guys. You'll like their service.

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