Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mang Inasal - Lumpiang Sardinas, Ginataang Kangkong and Kamote Chips

I had dinner last night at Mang Inasal along Filmore St., Palanan, Makati City. Since it was late already I decided not to eat rice. I just ordered lumpiang sardinas, ginataang kangkong and kamote chips. The lumpiang sardinas has been featured here already and I think my comments are the same. I still like it. I like the 'spicy' touch. It was also crispy so I enjoyed.

The kamote chips tasted good. I like the barbeque flavor. However, it was not as crispy as I hoped it would be. It seems like it has been prepared long before I ordered. It must be nearing its shelf life (or whatever you call the time before it has to be thrown for loss of quality). But since I liked the taste, I am sure I am going to give that Mang Inasal kamote chips another chips next time.

What disappointed me last night was the ginataang kangkong. It was served cold. It also has more stalks than the  leaves part. I could help but compare it to the kangkong in Chicboy. Theirs was certainly better than Mang Inasal's (different preparations but in general I could say my assessment is fair). I had it heated but my interest has already waned.

It was almost 10 pm already but that shouldn't be an excuse in serving 'old' food. And at the very least, even if the food like the ginataang kankong was not freshly cooked, they should have at least had the initiative to reheat it before serving it to their customers. As for the kamote chips, I think they should get a better storage/container to keep its quality.

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