Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Got the chance to eat at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant last week. A friend of mine celebrated her birthday there. When we arrived at the restaurant food has already been served since we came quite late. I was worried because might be too cold already. But when my friend saw us enter the restaurant, she asked the waiters to reheat the food without questions. Good first impression for me.

Anyway, we had Watami Salad, Tempura, Salmon Croquette, Beef Pepper Rice and California Maki. I guess my favorite is the Watami Salad. The greens were crisp and the dressing was unique. If I had a choice I would have ordered for more of the salad. The Beef Pepper Rice was also very good. It can actually stand on its own. Well, not really. I'm sure you'd enjoy it more with other stuff but it was really very good.

Watami Salad

I also liked the salmon croquette. It was crispy on the outside and the filling is somehow creamy. The tempura wasn't outstanding. It wasn't bad but I had better.

Watami can be found in Glorietta near the entrance of Glorietta 2, Hotel Dr. I didn't get to ask why it is called a CASUAL restaurant. The place doesn't look casual. In fact it looks formal to me but not very intimidating like other Japanese Restaurants.

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