Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Larry and Mau Diner - Torta and Salsa

The 'meeting' I attended several weeks ago was too boring. I decided to excuse myself before it actually ended. What I did was go to SM Mall of Asia to eat. I was looking for a place where I could eat something light. I was hoping there would be a place where there wouldn't be a lot of people also. After walking and walking I ended up at Tower A Two E-com Center along Palm Coast Drive. There I saw Larry and Mau Diner. Larry and Mau Diner is a big restaurant. Luckily for me it was not crowded that night. I ordered Adobo Torta (omelet). Each order comes with a cup of rice and salsa. It wasn't really light but it's not heavy as well so...

Adobo Torta

Their torta is yummy. Consistency of the omelet is good. It is not too soft nor is hard. The adobo tastes like homemade adobo. I would prefer it to be a little saltier but it was fine just the same. The salsa is the one that I know I will want to come back for. I love its taste. If they'll make it spicier then I will love it even more.

While eating I could hear live music playing at the parking lot/concert ground. The waiter told me there is an ongoing rehearsal for the Coca Cola Concert ng Bayan which will happen the following day. He said they let people watch for free. So after eating I went to the concert ground and saw Gary Valenciano rehearsing. Wow! The man is really full of pure energy. He was performing as if it is the actual concert. He's really good. I was able to go very close to the stage but unfortunately I didn't have a good camera with me to take good pictures. Sigh!

 Anyway, last week I went back to Larry and Mau Diner. I ordered Spicy Pork and Eggplant Torta. It was definitely better than the adobo I had before. The eggplant was not bitter. Well I thought it will be actually. It was similar to the tortang talong some people make at home.

Spicy Pork and Eggplant
The salsa

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa
Larry and Mau Diner
G/F Tower A Two E-com Center
Palm Coast Drive
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City

Monday, April 23, 2012

Food Deals - Food Vouchers

Deal or no deal! No! I'm not talking about the game show on tv previously hosted by Kris Aquino and now handled by Luis Manzano. I'm referring to the different deal sites that are now very popular. There are a lot of people now who turn to buying vouchers instead of directly going to shops or restaurants for their various needs. They rely on the many good deals they find in these sites. Deals for food are among the favorite of voucher buyers. There are so many deals to choose from. Barrio Fiesta for example sometimes sells vouchers which you can use to eat their popular dishes like Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata at very low prices. Midas Hotel also offer discounted rates for their buffet meals (look at metrodeal.com). Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles offer vouchers at Ensogo. Deal Dozen has offers from Trio, Pasto, Katsu and Craft. Deal Grocer has an offer from Banana Leaf. Deal Spot which usually offers vouchers for healthy and beauty services also offers food deals at low prices. One of their recent offerings is from Singapore Chicken Rice. Crazy Deals has no food vouchers now but their most recent one was Chocolate Cream Puffs from Delicieux. I'm not sure if Deal Amigos carry food deals but you can also check them out. Are these vouchers for real? As far as I know they are. I was able to try a healthy and beauty service before. I've also tried a foot spa voucher. And of course, I've also enjoyed a food voucher -- from Barrio Fiesta. Do check these sites out because they'll help you enjoy good food at good prices.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bagoong Club Resto

I recently lost my phone which I use to take pictures of my eating adventures. Sadly I have not saved all the pictures I took. Whatever I have saved I will share with you this week. The notes about them however are also on that phone so I would describe them based solely on what I can remember.

Do you like bagoong? I do.

Last February my good friend and I saw this restaurant called Bagoong Club while cruising along  Scout Dr. Lazcano in Quezon City. I asked her if she's been to that place and she said yes. She said she likes the food there. Unfortunately we couldn't try the place out that night because we were going someplace else. Then last March we passed by that area again and I told her I want to eat there that night. We didn't have any specific place to go to so she readily agreed.

While looking at their interesting menu (I'll talk about this later) the waiter served singkamas with bagoong. There were actually two kinds of bagoong. If my memory serves me right, one was their Bagoong Club Special and the other one is Bagoong Buhay. They have various flavors for their bagoong -- which is expected because their place is called Bagoong Club afterall.The Bagoong Club Special is spicy. The menu says it's not for the weak of heart. Bagoong Buhay, the menu says, has coconut milk.

Singkamas with Bagoong Club Special and Bagoong Buhay
While feasting on the bagoong (yes, I ate more bagoong than singkamas) we decided to order Kare Kare and Inihaw na hito.

Kare Kare
Inihaw na Hito

The Kare Kare has thick sauce. They used 'real' ingredients and not 'instant' mixes. I love the rich ground peanut flavor. There also used lots of vegetables. The eggplant and the pechay were cooked just right. I can't say anything about the string beans because I didn't eat any. I do not eat beans. The meat is also tender. Unlike kare-kare in other restaurants, the meat doesn't feel rubbery or 'bubblegum-my' when eaten. However, they didn't put in a lot of mean. There were probably just 4 small slices. The vegetables and the sauce could probably be shared by three people but for me the meat is only just for two. It was served with regular bagoong which also tasted good. By the way I also ordered a serving of Bagoong Pag-ibig. It's their sweetened bagoong.   

The Inihaw na Hito is just your usual grilled hito but it was served with fish bagoong. I didn't expect that they would serve the hito with bagoong so I was pleasantly surprised. I also like fish bagoong.

Overall, even if we only ordered two dishes, I was fully satisfied. I mean I felt literally full.

The service was also good. The waiter who assisted us was friendly. Both orders were served fast. They even gave us an extra serving of the singkamas.

The place was clean. It looks like a big, old house converted to a restaurant so it actually has that home-y feel. It gives a feeling that you're eating 'moms signature dishes'.

I said above that I'll talk about their 'interesting' menu. They gave cool names for their dishes that's why I said the menu's interesting. To give you an example, they called their beef dishes BAKA SAKALI (baka is the Tagalog term for cow or beef). They called their salads ENSALADAKADABRA. If you want to know the other names just look at the pictures below.

As a last note, you can sing Sitsiritsit while waiting for your order to be served. The lyrics of the song is prnted on the place-mat.

Bagoong Club Resto
122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
(one of the streets perpendicular to Tomas Morato)
Tel: 929-0544

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa