Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can You Guess the Restaurant where these Food Came from

Hi. I have here pictures that have not been uploaded yet. Some of them are extras from previously featured restaurants/fast food chains. For today, what I'd like to do is to upload them but I will not tell  you from which restaurant/fast food chains they came from. What I'd like you to do is to guess just that. Is that okay? Do not worry, I'll be giving you some clues. Ready?

Food Photo # 1

Yes, that's fried chicken! Does it look small? It's small because it is one of their 'promo' meals. But do not worry because if you go to this restaurant NOW, you'll definitely be able to eat MORE than just one drumstick.

Food Photo # 2

This is one of the cheapest  sandwiches you can find nowadays. This sandwich is from a popular fat food chains. When you taste it you'll surely get out of the store with JOY in your heart (or should I say tummy?).

Food Photo # 3

Oh how I love this sundae. I got addicted with this for a time. The sad thing is many also like it so it easily gets out of stock. It's not only great tasting but it is cheap as well. This is available in some outlets of the LITTLE convenience store you find in almost every street corner.

Food Photo # 4

I think not a lot of you will be able to guess where this nachos is served. This is served in a restaurant in Makati which also serves quesadilla and burritos. The store can be found in a building at the corner of 1 McKinley Rd and I think 5th. I actually added this here to give you some challenge because I'm sure you'll be able to easily identify the others. I know of only two people who can immediately identify the restaurant. They are my eating buddies haha.

Food Photo # 5

This danggit is from a restaurant that specializes in grilled chicken. This means that this danggit is just one of the "others" in the menu. This restaurant serves one of the best grilled chicken in town. Maybe that is because they STARTed the grilled chicken craze.

Food Photo # 6

This adobo (flakes) is very delicious. I actually want to have this for breakfast everyday. Unfortunately, I don't think I can afford to eat it on a daily basis. That sauce you  see on the lower right corner is really good. You can have just that sauce and a cup of plain rice and you're already going to be fine. Once you taste this, you'll certainly look up the SKY and wish that you'll have the chance to comeback sooner than soon.

Food Photo # 7

I love Hainanese chicken. It is boiled (or steamed) chicken with the rich flavorsof ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil. There are many restaurants that serve Hainanese chicken but this particular restaurant serves one of the best. You'll surely shout WEEEEE after eating it.

Food Photo # 8

This is seafood kare-kare. This is served in a restaurant that specializes in local dishes. They also serve sinangag  na sinigang, crispy binagoongan and gising-gising. After trying this kare-kare you'll surely want to be part of the CLUB.

Can you guess 8 out of 8 restaurants? Answer in the comments section below and I'll tell you your score.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

People's Palace - Modern Thai Cuisine

It's been more than 10 days since i last updated 'eat all you can'. In my last post I said I will be telling you about the lunch I will be having with the bosses. So here it is. As expected, I was not able to take pictures and I also didn't write the names of the food we ordered. But just the same I'll be describing to you what we ordered the best way I can.

We ate at the People's Palace in Greenbelt, Makati. People's Palace Restaurant is adjacent to Oyster Bar. It is a restaurant that serve's modern Thai cuisine.

We had prawn, pomelo and coconut salad. It is different from the pomelo and shrimp salad we ordered in Ba Noi's and Aquaknox which I featured some months back (these 2 are Vietnamese restos). Anyway, it was really delicious. It was supposed to be just our appetizer but it was so good I already ate a lot. We also ordered mango and crispy fish salad (I think it's salad). My companions said the fish is catfish. If the pomelo and shrimp salad is good, this is definitely better. I so loved it I wanted to order extra (to go!). Then we had pad Thai and chicken pandan. The pad Thai was good but I didn't get much because I focused on the salads which on that day were more special to me. The chicken pandan was good as well. Normally, my complaint with chicken pandan is that the chicken is too small. Boy was I surprised with this one. I mean there really is  chicken inside the pandan leaves haha. For dessert, we had Thai thako. It looked boring when it was served because it was pure white. If you want to imagine how it looked, call a taho vendor and ask him to open his big container. Look inside and you'll see Thai thako. They didn't taste the same, though. I think it is mixed with coconut milk. It was good to take away the taste of spices. But for me the best one I got for that day is the shake (or did I get from the smoothies list?). I had mango, ginger and banana. Odd combination? Yes, sounds odd. But it tastes great. I love the subtle gingery flavor. Hmmmm....

The ambiance is cool. Walls are white and the fixtures are black. The high ceiling also makes the place homey. I'm already thinking of going back to the place. Soon. 

Monday, June 06, 2011

Go Crazy about Krazy Garlik

Lunch with the bosses. That's what I'll have again tomorrow. I'll be with co-administrators and the President and Vice Presidents of the company. Happy meal again. Anyway, when I was told about this I remembered of the lunch we had last month. We ate out to celebrate the President's birthday.

We had that lunch at Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5. Naturally, since I was with the bosses I didn't take pictures. I was really itching to take pictures but my good sense told me not to. Forgive me if some of the dish names are not available because I did not bring my notes for the same reason. Anyway, their fish fillet in white sauce is very, very good. I love the white sauce. Something new for me. It also has shrimps on top. If you  love seafoods you should order this. I also love their salad. I didn't get its name but just ask the crew for their best seller in the salad section. I do not like salads (I eat salad but it is not something I crave for normally) but this one is really great. We also had gambas (Gambas Al Ajillo I think it's called). Spicy. Yum yum. It's shrimps cooked in olive oil. The shrimps are big. I can say they are fresh. Then we had Spinach and Cheese wantons. Crispy wanton. I think they used cream cheese. Somebody ordered pizza but I didn't get to taste it coz I was already full. Krazy Garlik also has unique rice offerings. We had Hara Kiri. This name I am sure of. Guess what kind of rice this is. Did you say Japanese? The menu doesn't say so but I think it's Japanese inspired. But who cares. All I can say is I love it. It is spicy. We also had fried chicken. It tastes good but I wasn't as amazed with it as the other dishes we ordered. What is unique about this fried chicken is that it looks like roast chicken. For dessert we had Apple Pie A la mode. Or was it apple tart? It's good also. I love it. Their green mango shake is also good but it's not unique.  

You have the option to have your order 'to share' or 'regular'. To share is good for two to three persons.

To top their crazy delicious dishes their service is also good. The staff are accommodating. They are easy to call. And the best part is they look dignified. They look smart. They are dressed in an all white outfit (amazingly, they are able to keep their uniforms clean all the time).

I'll keep you posted about our lunch tomorrow. But again, don't expect pictures. You know why. Wink!

Friday, June 03, 2011

How to Save on Food in Boracay

This weekend is the last weekend before classes begin for the grade school and high school in public schools and some private schools. But for college students they still have a week off so I'm sure many are still planning to go out to the beach to have fun. And I'm sure many are thinking of going to Boracay.

So what does this have to do with a food blog? Well, here are some suggestions on how you can save on food in Boracay.

1. There are many 'lechon manok' outlets in Boracay. There are several Andoks branches there - from station 1 to station 3. Ooops! Is there Andoks in station 1? Anyway, you can buy affordable food at Andoks. Don't worry because they are not an exclusive chicken store. They serve other dishes there.

2. There are a lot of carinderia's at the D' Talipapa and at the back of D' Mall. There you can find affordable dishes - from adobo to calamares, bopis to crispy shrimps and menudo to fried crablets.

3. Check out the restaurants at the beach front. People have this notion that restaurants there are expensive. Yes, many of them serve expensive dishes but a lot also have affordable offerings. To be safe, ask for the menu before you get in and get a table.

4. Bring canned food and instant noodles. Most of the hotels there give free hot water anyway so maximize this benefit.