Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas - the Best Food Items to Give this Season

It's Christmas time again. I know many of us are already excited with the up coming parties. But I'm quite sure that many of us are also anxious already because our Christmas shopping is far from being finished. Well, who can blame us. There are really a lot of people we want and should thank so it feels like time is not enough. Plus our Christmas bonus is also not enough.So here are some ideas that might help. But I'd like to warn you that all of these are food or food related gifts. I guess you guessed that already from the title -- Christmas Gift Ideas - the Best Food Items to Give this Season.

Christmas Gift Idea #1. SIDES.  I call this SIDES because these are the things you put on the sides of your favorite dishes. You can give your friends a bottle of atchara, roasted garlic and pickles. This set is a good idea because it is quite unique. Not a lot of people will think of giving these things. Plus not a lot of people will expect receiving such items so this set will really have an impact. If you have the means, you can buy gourmet atchara, roasted garlic and pickles in groceries. But these things are also available in bazaars and the wet market. Those gourmet types are already placed in nice bottles so you wont have to worry about how they'd look. You just have to buy a nice gift basket and your done. Those available in bazaars also come in nice containers. If you'll buy from the market, what you can do is design the bottles using pieces of cloth and ribbons. You can use red and green checkered cloth and silver or gold ribbons. You can also add tiny poinsettia or bells to make your gift more Christmas-y.

Christmas Gift Idea #2.0. BOXED-UP. There are a lot of pastry shops that sell all kinds of cookies an pastries. You can opt to buy their boxed goodies to give to your friends. During Christmas season, they use boxes with Christmas design you all you need is to attach a gift tag. But these boxed pastries can be expensive at times. If your budget is a bit tight, you can buy pastries and cookies from your neighborhood pastry shop or bakery and just box them in Christmas boxes. Or you can also put them in jars.

Christmas Gift Idea #2.1. BOXED-UP. Aside from cookies and pastries, you can also box cakes. You can order from your favorite bakeshop cakes and box them nicely. You can actually have your own design followed if you know your local neighborhood baker. In may case, since I don't know of any baker, I will just buy cakes to box at S&R. They have nice cakes that would look really good in cute Christmas boxes. I'm actually thinking of Carrot and Walnut Cake of S&R.

Christmas Gift Idea #3. GREENS. I call this GREEN because this is about vegetables -- green or otherwise. Yes, you can give vegetables as gifts for Christmas especially if you have health conscious friends. You can put in a basket assorted vegetables like cucumber and carrots which they can just slice and eat anytime or turn into juice like those detox juices that's famous among celebrities. Look at their Instagram accounts and you'll see pictures of the products they get from detoxify bar. And don't forget the connection between Anne Curtis and that juice cleanse which got mentioned when she got in the "I can buy you, your friends and this club" incident. Anyway, aside from cucumber and carrots, you can also add salad vegetables like big, red tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, mint, etc. Make sure to design your basket really well. You can use ribbons and other trimmings to give it the Christmas look.

Christmas Gift Idea #4. HOT STUFF. This is all about coffee, tea and chocolate drinks hence the Hot Stuff title. You can give Kapeng Barako, Local Tea and Tsokolate to your friends who are Starbucks and UCC addicts. Kapeng Barako is famous in Batangas but they are also available in supermarkets around the Metro. The same is true with local teas like pito-pito, sambong and ampalaya and tsokolate. Tsokolate also comes in round or ball shapes. These are available in some Batangas towns. They are also good stuff.

So there you go. I hope these Christmas Gift Ideas would help you with your Christmas shopping.