Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DAVAO CITY - Here I Come? (part 2)

When I wrote DAVAO CITY - Here I come? (Part 1) last week, I was really very excited. If you'll notice I wrote a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and eat all you can venues to visit. It's going to be my first time in Davao so I got excited. I know there will be a lot of things I could feature in this blog from Davao. But yesterday I realized I am going to Davao for business and not for pleasure. I am going there (tomorrow) to attend a convention and not to go around and look for food to write about. Besides, I am going there courtesy of the company I work for. Yes I am not spending for the plane ride, hotel and registration fee. It's not my money I am using so I better focus on the things I was asked to do lest I put the company's money to waste. 

So what does this mean? Well I think I'll just have to squeeze in my food/restaurant hunting into my schedule. I think I could find time in the evening to do this. However, since time is limited (and budget as well since for this I will be spending my own haha), I would have to trim down the list. Maybe I'll stick with just three or four. 

I think one of the places I shouldfn't miss is Jack's Ridge. They food is great but the ambiance is even better. When you are there you'll get a good view of the whole of Davao City. I just wonder I could get even a glimpse of Samal Island.

Then I'll also have to try Crepelato. It's a local crepe shop so I shouldn't miss it. And of course I need to try the local coffee shop called Caffee Firenzo. 

Davao City! See you tomorrow.  

Friday, September 16, 2011

DAVAO CITY - Here I Come?

I will be in Davao for 5 days next week. Naturally, my goal is to try as many  restaurants, coffee shops, dessert bars, etc. as I can. Unfortunately, I will be there for a seminar so I'm sure I could only try a few. But anyway, I asked a few friends about places they would recommend for me to visit. Here are some of them.


1. Jack's Ridge. This is what many of my friends recommended. I don't know why but it seems famous in Davao City. It's supposed to be on a high location with a great view of the city.
2. Coco's grill. This one was recommended for the lechon.
3. Spirale. A friend said she had a great time here. I asked what they offer but she can't remember. She just knows she had fun there.
4. Pablo's Steaks and Crabs. You could what the restaurant is known for, right? I was told the food is price-y.
5. Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant. They must have great tuna dishes.
6. Tiny Kitchen. Same story with Spirale but from a different friend. (What's wrong with my friends? haha)
7. Tadakuma. Being a lover of Japanese food, I had to ask for a Japanese resto in Davao. This is what was recommended.
8. Leafy Green Things. One of my companions is always on a diet. She likes salads so i asked if there's a salad bar in Davao City. Honestly, I was not expecting there is one. But there is one.
9. Crepelato. My friend who is always on a diet also loves dessert. (Shhhh.....she wouldn't admit!) I asked for a local dessert place and I was told about this one.
10. Caffe Firenzo. Would I forget to ask for a coffee shop? Of course not! So here's a local coffee shop for us to try.

Since this blog is named eat all you can, I also asked for restaurants with eat all you can or buffet offerings. Here are 4 of them.

1. Cafe Marco. This is of course at the Marco Polo Hotel.
2. Entree. This is at the Apo View Hotel.
3. Tita D's. This is in downtown Davao. I asked for a cheap buffet because I know those in hotels are very expensive. I was told there are a lot of these cheap ones.
4. CTres. Not as cheap as Tita D's but not as expensive as Cafe Marco and Entree.

I  listed down 14 places to visit in Davao City. I wish I could visit at least half of them. Haisst. Little time and small budget. Haha. Wish me luck guys. I'll post my reviews the soonest.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

CHA A - Vegetarian Restaurant

I was at Robinson's Place Manila a few days ago and I passed by this vegetarian restaurant that I know I've tried before. It think it had another name before but I am not too sure. It underwent renovation, that I am positive about. Anyway, I was on a rather tight budget and seeing that they offer something as low as P 89 for 2 viands I, without second thoughts, got in.

For that small amount you get a cup of rice and two dishes from among a wide selection they have. I chose adobo with mushroom and asado. Again, they serve only vegetarian food so the meat for the adobo and asado are just make believe meat.

The asado did taste like asado. It was sweet. I do not like sweet food very much but I must say I enjoyed this one.The adobo didn't taste anything like adobo. But I also liked it. Just forget that it is an adobo imitation and you'll enjoy it too.
adobo with mushroom

I wonder how they make those meat-looking stuff using vegetables. They even have barbecue on their menu.

What I'm thinking about is whether vegetarians are into eating meat looking food or do they prefer vegetables that do not pretend that they are something else? I mean if you are a vegetarian, don't you get disgusted with anything that looks like meat?

Anyway, this vegetarian restaurant is called CHA A. It's at the ground floor near Bread Talk and Razon's. Check it out.