Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kris Kringle Gift Ideas this Christmas

Kris Kringle. 'Tis the season of giving gifts. And many offices and groups are having what we love best -- giving surprise gifts. And the best was t do that is via Kris kringle, I don't know how that got that name but I'm quite sure Kris Aquino has no hand at it. lol

Anyway, here are suggestions for some of the common "something" to give your baby or monito/monita.

SOMETHING RED: the usual would be apples, red candies or a set of red pens. For practical and useful gifts you may give red Christmas balls or a pack of red Christmas gift wrappers. Your monito/monita will like it because lines in gift wrapping sections in malls can be too long at this  time. For unique gifts, give a pack of red tomatoes, a kilo of red rice (it's available n some supermarkets like Rustan's) or a can of tomato sause/spaghetti sauce.

SOMETHING SCARY: i don't know why some groups include this as a category for the "something" this season. It's so Halloween haha. But you can buy some horror story books at National Bookstore. A DVD of a horror movie you like.

SOMETHING LONG AND HARD: common gifts would be a pencil or ruler. But you may choose a hula hoop, a train track, a stack of plastic cups (no, not the disposable cups) or a ream of long bond paper.

SOMETHING BIG: if you don't want your identity to be revealed, do not give something that's literally big as it is difficult to carry to the office or wherever your doing your Kris Kringle. Instead, give a box of Zesto BIG or BIGGIE fries or drinks from Wendy's.

SOMETHING YUMMY: of course you'll think of chocolate or cake or whatever you like, But make it a little bit unique by giving a pack of Kopiko (remember their Coco Martin commercial?).

SOMETHING NAUGHTY/SEXY: an FHM magazine will do. Or a sexy underwear from Bench. Or a pack of condoms. Or that souvenir from Baguio.....the man in a barrel or THE ashtray.

SOMETHING SOFT: a pack of cotton come to mind. Or marshmallow. A roll of bathroom tissue is useful. If you want, you can also give a dozen sanitary napkins. Or perhaps a handkerchief. A bottle of shampoo will also be fine to give your monito/monita soft and flowy hair.