Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where to Eat on Valentine's Day

Some restaurants I would recommend for your Valentine's Day date.

1. If you're in a relationship with your partner for a long time already then you know each others secrets very well -- like how many cups of rice you can take or how many servings of roast beef you can eat. If that is the case, my recommendations are Vikings, Saisaki/Dad's and Yakimix. Since you don't have the need to impress or put your best foot forward, you can go on buffet dinner.

Vikings, Saisaki/Dad's and Yakimix offer a wide array of dishes so you don't need to bother deciding on whether you'd go Japanese, Filipino or Chinese.

2. If you want a place where very few people can see you, go to Ryu Ramen and Achipelago 7107 . Very few people will see in these places not because few people visit these restaurants but becuase these are relatively small places. This is ideal if you're in a relationship that is still kept secret. But it is also good for those who just want to have some privacy.

3. For barkada dates this valentine's day, restaurants I would recommend are Zark's and Banapple. At Zark's you can have those really big burgers at affordable prices. You can even take on Zark's challenge now that you have your friends to support you. At Banapple you have choices that would appeal to peole varying tastes. It's good because aside from having good choices for your main meal, they also have wonderful desserts.  

4. For family Valentine's date, I would suggest you go to Chicboy and Shakey's. At Chicboy you can order a lot at very a reasonable price -- I know you'll like this especially if you have a big family. At Shakey's on the other hand, you can have group orders. A large pan of pizza can already feed a whole family. Just add a basket of mojo's and chicken or a large plate of pasta.

If you want a serious family Valentine dinner, you can try Cafe Juanita. They have nice Filipino Cuisine. The ambiance is also very, very nice. It's laid back and serious.

Don't ask me about fast foods because I would say if you could avoid them even just for tonight, then avoid them. Don't get me wrong. I love fast foods. I love Jollibee, McDonald's, KFC, etc. It's just that these places tend to become too crowded and noisy that talking to your partner is really close to impossible. But then again, if you do not have the budget then these are good choices for you. They have wide choices of food and drinks that are good and reasonably priced.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Army Navy - Fearless and Free

There's a new Army Navy restaurant along Jupiter St., Makati City. It's right beside Bo's Coffee. It's a relief to have one there because I like going to that place. Anyway, I ordered my favorite -- Breakfast Burrito, Longganisa. It's what I usually order. I alternate it with the Fearless Fried Chicken. I also love their Freedom Fries. Love them all, really.

I love Army Navy's Longganisa Breakfast Burrito because I love the crunchy longganisa bits. A bit salty really but it goes well with the salsa. It's a complete meal if you ask me. And it's only P180.00.

Army Navy's Freedom Fries for me is a winner because it's really crispy given that the potatoes are thinly sliced.