Monday, February 04, 2013

Army Navy - Fearless and Free

There's a new Army Navy restaurant along Jupiter St., Makati City. It's right beside Bo's Coffee. It's a relief to have one there because I like going to that place. Anyway, I ordered my favorite -- Breakfast Burrito, Longganisa. It's what I usually order. I alternate it with the Fearless Fried Chicken. I also love their Freedom Fries. Love them all, really.

I love Army Navy's Longganisa Breakfast Burrito because I love the crunchy longganisa bits. A bit salty really but it goes well with the salsa. It's a complete meal if you ask me. And it's only P180.00.

Army Navy's Freedom Fries for me is a winner because it's really crispy given that the potatoes are thinly sliced.

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Anonymous said...

I tried that breakfast burrito and it was just so-so. I have to rate it at most 5/10. The burgers are okay. They're about 6.5/10.

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