Thursday, December 30, 2010

Simple Recipe for the New Year's Eve Party

In my previous blog entry I wrote some suggestions regarding food that you can serve on New Year's Eve. Here I would like to give you a simple recipe suggestion. I hope this will help you in preparing for tomorrows celebrations.

Pesto Potato Balls


1k            marble potatoes
2              cloves garlic, minced
1cup         butter
2-3 tbsp   pesto powder (available in grocery stores)
1 cup        button mushrooms


1. Boil marble potatoes in a casserole. Poil until potatoes are almost soft. Drain water. Set aside.
2. In a pan, melt the butter. Use low heat.
3. Add the minced garlic until golden brown.
4. Add the boiled potatoes and button mushrooms.
5. After about five minutes add the pesto powder.
6. Remove from heat.
7. Serve hot.

This is one easy recipe to prepare for New Year's Eve. It only takes less than 20 minutes to cook. Since the potatoes are round, this will fit the New Year's lucky food requirements.

Food to Serve on New Year's Eve

A lot of people are going over the food that they will serve for New Year's Eve. Not that they really worry about what they would like to eat but they want to get every food they they could have that will bring them good luck for the rest of the year. So here are some of the things that I heard people are buying in the hope that they will bring them good vibes for 2011.

Food to Serve on New Year's Eve

1. ROUND FRUITS - There is a long list of fruits that can be bought to bring more money. Some of them are apples, oranges, grapes and pears. Round fruits are chosen because they resemble the shape of money.
2. STICKY FOOD - People choose sticky foods because they are believed to strengthen the bond between families. Some foods chosen are paella or arroz, kakanins like sapin-sapin and biko.
3. NOODLES - People serve noodles during New Year's Eve because they symbolize long life. There is a wide variety of noodles to choose from. But those sold in Chinese stores are the most popoular.

If there are foods that are said to bring in good luck, there are also those that are said to be full of bad luck. One of the is chicken because in the Philippines there is a saying that says chicken are "isang kahig, isang tuka". This means that you are always left wanting because you only get provisions enough for one meal.

At the end of the day, luck is based on how good you live your life. It is best to leave everything in the hands of God than base it on fruits or noodles.

Happy New Year everyone.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let me depart from mu usual food reviews. This time I'd like to give you  my thoughts about food as gifts for Christmas. I'll give a glimpse on why i think they are good to give as gifts. I'll also give suggestions about what I think are the best ones to give. Lastly I'll give you tips or dos and don'ts regarding giving food as gifts.

Why is it good to give food as gifts for Christmas?

1. We all love to eat so the chance for your gift not be appreciated is small. Even those who claim that they are on a diet will surely appreciate it.
2. With food, you eliminate the possibility of giving the wrong size, color or design. Yes, there might be some types of food that some people do not like but they can share them with their loved ones anyway so they will not go to waste. (Look at the tips below regarding this area).
3. You can buy just one type of food for all your friends. You do need to list down the names of all your friends and the possible gifts you will give each. It is such a hassle to think of 30 gifts for 30 different people, right? Just count how many your friends are and place your order.
4. You eliminate the possibility of one friend being jealous of the gift you give another.
5. Food as gift is generally inexpensive. 

What food can you give as gifts?

1. Ham. It is always a part of every Christmas dinner so you wont go wrong with this one. There are a lot of varieties to choose from and a good choice wood be bone-in ham. Forget about the turkey because chances are they still have some leftovers from Thanksgiving.
2. Cheese. Like ham, every Christmas dinner also has cheese. It would be good to give as a gift. if there are a lot of choices for ham, there are even more for cheese.
3. Cookies. Who doesn't like cookies? They  are easy to find and there are so many flavors you can choose from. You can even have one flavor for every friend you have.
4. Mixed nuts. People love to keep jars of nuts at home because they can serve it whenever there are unexpected guests. It is also nice to have around should the family decide to have movie marathon at home.
5. Wine. You can give wine to almost everyone. Even those who do not drink alcohol will appreciate this because he can serve it whenever he hosts dinner parties.

Some important tips.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

banapple at the ayala triangle

have you ever tried the restaurants at the ayala triangle?....i was there last week....we arrived at around 8:15 pm....long lines in all restos.....even dessert stores are full....i was wondering why there are long lines everywhere....we were supposed to eat at wee num kee (did i get the name right?) but when we asked the girl at door to include us in the 'waiting' list we were turned down....they were closing at ten and the list is still very long so she just apologized because she knew we'll not be accommodated....we then proceeded to banapple....we were fourth on the list....after i got my number there were several others who followed.....many of them were turned down....i think they accommodated only four after me.....

after 50 minutes we were given a table....a table was supposed to have been available earlier than that if only the three girls eating outside were sensitive to the long line of people waiting....they finished eating 15 minutes after we arrived.....the service crew got their plates already....but they chose to stay longer....they didn't even bother to order a slice of cake....and they were laughing so loudly i'm sure people at the stock exchange could hear them....

anyway i ordered glazed tocino....suzy ordered chicken parmigiana and ava ordered a burger....actually, we didn't know it was burger she ordered....we thought it was salad....but when it was served it was a burger that is rather's a good thing i stuck it out with one of my two favorites....yes, the tocino (the other one is the chicken parmigiana....

the tocino was great....not so oily....not too sweet though its glazed.....and the fried rice is also great.....again not too oily.....but the real winner is the creamy omelet/scrambled egg....hmmmm....creamy.....lavettt......

for dessert i usually order banoffee but since ava ordered it i asked for the chocolate walnut pie so we could try different was too sweet for me.....i didn't like it much.....but i had to eat it other wise it would go to waste....sayang ang

i still wonder why there are a lot of people eating at the ayala it because it is relatively new?....or is it because there are just so many offices around the area.....
anyway, the other restos there are amici....phoa....bfast....golden spoon.....and a chicken house.....

Thursday, December 02, 2010

uni sashimi at nihonbashi tei

i never thought that i'd love eating sea urchin....eeewww.....yuck.....when i was 'forced' to eat 'uni' when i had dinner with friends at saisaki a few month's back, i discovered that it was delicious.....hmmmm....yumyum....since then i have enjoyed eating uni.....two nights ago we had dinner at nihonbashi tei, a japanese restaurant located along pasay road near don bosco church....naturally we ordered uni.....boy did i go crazy...their uni is so's really didn't smell 'fishy' order of uni sashimi is worth can also have uni piece is worth P55.....

uni sashimi at nihonbashi tei

aside from uni, we also had pork barbeque.....the pork barbeque is delicious....grilled just right....the pork was not marinated in soy sauce i think....the taste is in the sauce that they put after stick is worth P35....if you come to think of it, it is way cheaper than the barbeques sold in street stalls....big 'chunks' for only P35....then we also had yakisoba....their yakisoba is in no way similar to the 'instant' noodles you'll find in supermarkets....their yakisoba looks like omelet.....yup....the noodles are wrapped in scrambled egg....hmmmm....but my suggestion is not to have barbeque and yakisoba together....they almost taste alike....
the restaurant looks good....the tables are clean....the setup is soon as you're seated they'll give you wet towels....there is one thing though that made me laugh....when we asked for refill of water, the waitress brought in a pitcher....what's funny about that?....the pitcher is made of looks like the plastic pitcher usually offered as a prize when you win in local carnival in 'perya'.....major, major 'perya'....i remember i got one when i was able to make my 25 centavo coin land in the center box in the game i call 'shoot that bentesingko in the box'.....

plastic pitcher on her right hand....i couldn't get a nice shot without getting their attention....