Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let me depart from mu usual food reviews. This time I'd like to give you  my thoughts about food as gifts for Christmas. I'll give a glimpse on why i think they are good to give as gifts. I'll also give suggestions about what I think are the best ones to give. Lastly I'll give you tips or dos and don'ts regarding giving food as gifts.

Why is it good to give food as gifts for Christmas?

1. We all love to eat so the chance for your gift not be appreciated is small. Even those who claim that they are on a diet will surely appreciate it.
2. With food, you eliminate the possibility of giving the wrong size, color or design. Yes, there might be some types of food that some people do not like but they can share them with their loved ones anyway so they will not go to waste. (Look at the tips below regarding this area).
3. You can buy just one type of food for all your friends. You do need to list down the names of all your friends and the possible gifts you will give each. It is such a hassle to think of 30 gifts for 30 different people, right? Just count how many your friends are and place your order.
4. You eliminate the possibility of one friend being jealous of the gift you give another.
5. Food as gift is generally inexpensive. 

What food can you give as gifts?

1. Ham. It is always a part of every Christmas dinner so you wont go wrong with this one. There are a lot of varieties to choose from and a good choice wood be bone-in ham. Forget about the turkey because chances are they still have some leftovers from Thanksgiving.
2. Cheese. Like ham, every Christmas dinner also has cheese. It would be good to give as a gift. if there are a lot of choices for ham, there are even more for cheese.
3. Cookies. Who doesn't like cookies? They  are easy to find and there are so many flavors you can choose from. You can even have one flavor for every friend you have.
4. Mixed nuts. People love to keep jars of nuts at home because they can serve it whenever there are unexpected guests. It is also nice to have around should the family decide to have movie marathon at home.
5. Wine. You can give wine to almost everyone. Even those who do not drink alcohol will appreciate this because he can serve it whenever he hosts dinner parties.

Some important tips.

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