Tuesday, June 21, 2011

People's Palace - Modern Thai Cuisine

It's been more than 10 days since i last updated 'eat all you can'. In my last post I said I will be telling you about the lunch I will be having with the bosses. So here it is. As expected, I was not able to take pictures and I also didn't write the names of the food we ordered. But just the same I'll be describing to you what we ordered the best way I can.

We ate at the People's Palace in Greenbelt, Makati. People's Palace Restaurant is adjacent to Oyster Bar. It is a restaurant that serve's modern Thai cuisine.

We had prawn, pomelo and coconut salad. It is different from the pomelo and shrimp salad we ordered in Ba Noi's and Aquaknox which I featured some months back (these 2 are Vietnamese restos). Anyway, it was really delicious. It was supposed to be just our appetizer but it was so good I already ate a lot. We also ordered mango and crispy fish salad (I think it's salad). My companions said the fish is catfish. If the pomelo and shrimp salad is good, this is definitely better. I so loved it I wanted to order extra (to go!). Then we had pad Thai and chicken pandan. The pad Thai was good but I didn't get much because I focused on the salads which on that day were more special to me. The chicken pandan was good as well. Normally, my complaint with chicken pandan is that the chicken is too small. Boy was I surprised with this one. I mean there really is  chicken inside the pandan leaves haha. For dessert, we had Thai thako. It looked boring when it was served because it was pure white. If you want to imagine how it looked, call a taho vendor and ask him to open his big container. Look inside and you'll see Thai thako. They didn't taste the same, though. I think it is mixed with coconut milk. It was good to take away the taste of spices. But for me the best one I got for that day is the shake (or did I get from the smoothies list?). I had mango, ginger and banana. Odd combination? Yes, sounds odd. But it tastes great. I love the subtle gingery flavor. Hmmmm....

The ambiance is cool. Walls are white and the fixtures are black. The high ceiling also makes the place homey. I'm already thinking of going back to the place. Soon. 

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