Monday, July 25, 2016

Urban Marche: Cash and Carry Weekend Market

There are several weekend markets in Makati today. A few of the posh villages here offer weekend markets for their residents and "outsiders" as well. One of the recent additions is Cash and Carry's Weekend Night Market called the Urban Marche. Marche, according Wikipedia is one of the 20 regions of Italy.

Urban Marche can be found at the parking lot of Cash and Carry in Palanan. The site is where the old "imported" shops were located.

There are stalls selling clothes, jewelry and all sorts of food. I seldom look at the stalls selling clothes and other dry goods because my primary purpose of going there is to eat.

Some of the food I've tried are shawarma, barbecue, pancit, pasta, Ilocos bagnet and  lechon belly. A couple of weeks ago, my doctors told me to cut down on oily and salty dishes. Grabe! It's really difficult lloking for healthy yet delicious food. But fortunately, in this weekend market, there is a stall that sells healthy stuff. Tuna pasta, veggie burger, etc.

The burger patties are made of puso ng saging. It's not really new for me because  my cousin used to make this in the province before. But I still liked the idea that they have it here in Manila.

Urban March is open Fridays to Sundays from 3 - 11 pm.

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