Monday, January 10, 2011

a.c. RUMPA, Angeles City, Pampanga (Clark)

There are a lot of restaurants in Angeles City, Pampanga (near Clark) but a good one recommended by many is a.c. Rumpa. Rumpa, I heard, stands for Reserve US Military Personnel Association. It's located at 1037 Surla St., Balibago, Angeles City. From the outside it doesn't look like a restaurant. It looks like a nice little house along a quiet street - well, the house is not really small and street is not really quiet but that should give an idea. If not for the signage and the two sets of tables and chairs outside, you wouldn't know that you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner there even without invitation from the owner.  

The dining area inside is big. Probably it used to be the foyer, receiving room and dining place. It could I think accommodate 30 - 35 people. The tables along the walls are open cubicle types (like those you commonly see in diners) while those on the center are movable tables which is good for big groups of people.

There are a lot of food to choose from. I sampled their barbecue spareribs. The meat is tender. They'll give you a knife along with the spoon and fork but you can actually do without it. The cut is also big. This is probably because they target the Americans living in the area (especially those in Clark). The meat is covered with barbecue sauce that has a good blend of sweet, sour and spicy flavors.

Here is a picture of what I ordered. You be the judge if the serving is really big.

Here on the other hand is how their tbone steak looks like.

 This is how the place looks like from the outside.

The food tastes great. The serving is big. And to top it all, the prices are great. Their tag line says "Where good food is at its lowest possible price." I do not know who cannot not agree with that.

The next time you visit Clark or Angeles City, Pampanga, don't waste time looking for a place to eat. Try a.c.Rumpa.


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about how good this place is but in reality its not that good. I ordered the barbecue spareribs and the roast beef sandwich. Both were mediocre in quality. Tasted ok but the beef was really rock hard! You need to ask for 2 knives to cut it. They need to tenderize their meat before serving it!

Gumala@Maglibang said...

I love their porterhouse steak and their price is great. Please visit my site :)

Unknown said...

The RUMPA we used to visit in the 80's and 90's is way too far with the present RUMPA, in terms of quality taste and quantity... My uncle used to say then, EAT LIKE A KING and PAY LIKE A PEASANT... Good thing, there are more available restaurants now near Clark, esp in Fields Ave. (not the bars)...

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