Friday, January 07, 2011

Lemongrass, ginger and moringa juice

During the Christmas season I knew I was eating too much -- fatty and overly sweet foods. So I decided to sort of fight these 'bad' things by having something healthy on the side -- I was hoping that by doing so, I will be able to fight the problems I was sure I would experience if I do otherwise. I drank 'juice' made from boiled lemongrass, ginger and moringa. I actually loved the taste. The concoction can be drank ice cold or hot but I like it better hot. You may be wondering why I say this drink is healthy. Wonder no more because here are some of the reasons why I say so.

Lemongrass - It is widely used in Asian cuisine. The leave, the stems and the roots can be used for different food preparations. They can be used fresh, dried or in powdered form. It has a citrus flavor. In the Philippines, it is used when cooking rice to make it smell good. It is also used in cooking poultry products and seafood to improve both smell and taste.

It is said to help lower cholesterol so if you've eaten a lot of fatty foods during the holiday season, lemongrass will be a great help. It is also said to be good for the stomach. It helps in proper digestion. It also helps treat gastric irritability. Women  experiencing discomfort or spasms during menstruation can also use lemongrass to relieve the pain.

Ginger is also widely used in Asian cuisines. It is used because it is flavorful and it removes unpleasant odor in food. It is medically used to treat dyspepsia and constipation. Some also use ginger to relieve nausea and morning sickness.

Moringa is used as a vegetable -- leaves and fruit. It is usually mixed with other vegetables in different food preparations like chicken tinola. It is said to have a lot of medical benefits like for diabetes, gout and arthritis. It is also used for cancer treatment.


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Moringa is a tropical tree with multiple uses and which is resistant to drought. Moringa has twice much calcium than milk. Moringa has many healthy and useful benefits.

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