Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RED vs WHITE - the White Hat frozen yoghurt

One of the first reviews I made for eat all you can is about a froyo shop -- the Red Mango. I didn't write any new reviews because I liked Red Mango enough for me to stay loyal. However, last Saturday, my friends and I chanced upon this froyo shop in Glorietta, Makati -- the White Hat. We were looking for something to do to kill time because we were going to a party but we didn't want to arrive an hour earlier than time indicated on the invites. So since all of us haven't tried the White hat yet we decided to get in and eat some yoghurt.

A regular cup costs less than a hundred pesos and toppings cost P 20each. But if you want to be more practical you can have their combos. I ordered a regular Cooky Hat combo while my friends got a regular Health Nut Hat. A regular combo costs P 125 -- a regular serving of yoghurt with three toppings. You save some money if you order a regular combo but since it is a 'combo' already, you cannot choose the toppings you really like. You're lucky if the toppings you prefer can be found in one 'combo'. 
Cooky Nut

The Cooky Hat has nuts (walnuts), white chocolate chips (like mini Kisses) and pastry dough (I'm not sure how they call it but it's like a certain kind of pastry cut in cubes).
The yoghurt was too sour for me. I like the sour taste of yoghurt but this one is way too sour for me taste The white chocolate chips and the pastry also didn't help. They were sweet but they didn't help counter the taste of the base. It was good they placed walnuts. It was the only saving grace of the whole thing for me. If not for the walnuts, I would not have finished that small cup.
98% fat free

Oh, I need to say this. Their yoghurt may be sour but it is 98% fat free. Nice for those people counting calories.
Health Nut
The Health Nut Hat my friends ordered had kiwi, nuts, cherry and strawberry (not part of the combo).  They also found it too sour. One of them loves desserts a lot but she wasn't too happy with this one. Hmmm...

The place is small. It could sit probably only around ten people at a time. But no worries because unless you are tired, you really do not need to stay there to eat their froyo. You can eat it while walking. It's in to be seen carrying a cup of froyo.
Seen/Scene on their wall

As said earlier, I like Red Mango. If you think my review is biased because of this, I'd say NOT. I can like them both if they're both good, right? Nobody said I need to be loyal to just one. Unfortunately, I will be sticking with my first choice on this one. So I guess it's RED over WHITE! 


angel said...

hi Jon! I guess our tastes differ when it comes to froyo :) i find white hat more to my liking. compared to red mango, white hat froyo is more creamy; red mango has a sundae-y texture i think. the sourness makes white hat a good dessert after eating crispy pata or lechong kawali he he he!

thoughts said...

thanks angel for the comment. for me red mango is more dessert-y than white hat. but anyway it's nice that you like white hat. the more resto's we have, the more work opportunities we create for our fellow filipinos. hope you read my other posts and post your thoughts as well. thanks.

angel said...

I couldn't agree with you more on that Jon. 'will watch out for your next gustatory adventure

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