Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lenten Season - Places to Eat Especially on Fridays

It's Lenten season once again. I know many Filipinos particularly the Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays. I also know you are looking for restaurants/fast food chains where you can find seafood on the menu. So I'm going to help you  by giving you a list of restaurants/fast food chains where there are exciting seafood choices. I'll post again as soon as I find new ones. So read on and meet your 'physical'/'dietary' needs without sacrificing your values, traditions and beliefs.

First up is Jollibee. For this season, they are offering TUNA PIE. I've always associated their pies with dessert so I was surprised when I saw their poster about tuna pie. I found it rather interesting. You can get a combo meal -- tuna pie and a regular glass of soda. Usually if you want to upgrade the soda to iced tea you would need to pay extra. But for this season, you can get the upgrade for free.

Aside from the Jollibee tuna pie, you can also have BANGUS (MILKFISH) meal. The free iced tea upgrade is applicable for this meal.

Next is McDonald's. They still have their Fillet-o-Fish. The fish fillet they have for this sandwich is covered with a crispy breading. Even those who do not like to eat fish will not have problems eating this. But what I really like about McDonald's fillet-o-fish is the dressing. It's sourness perfectly matches the taste of the fish.

Then there is Mang Inasal. Here you can order sinigang na BANGUS. What I like about this sinigang is it tastes like every Nanay's home cooked sinigang.

If you want a 'classier' place to eat especially during dinner time, you can checkout Aquaknox. I've been to  their Pasay Road branch. It is near Don Bosco Church so it's perfect for those who want to have dinner after hearing mass. I'll have a separate review of the restaurant but I'd just like you to know that there are very good seafood dishes here. The restaurant by the way offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine. (They have another branch in Greenhills and they're opening up a new one in Megamall.)

Lastly, you can also try Pancake House. They have SMOKED BANGUS (tinapang bangus). They also have Bonoan Bangus, Grilled Bangus, Salmon belly and some more. They are a bit pricier than the fast food choices you have but this a good place to eat if you're entertaining guests or having business meetings.

That's all for now. I'll give you more choices soon.

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