Thursday, July 07, 2011

Mesa, Filipino Moderne Cuisine

Thinking of where to eat in Greenbelt 5 is always a challenging thing to do. This is because there are so many restaurants there to choose from. There are a lot of restaurants serving different kinds of cuisine. The last time we were there, we spent a long time deciding where to eat. After a long debate we ended up choosing Mesa which serves Filipino Moderne Cuisine.

Since we were really very hungry we decided to order something we felt they could serve fast. We ordered tilapia, crispy boneless pata, tinapa rice and sisig rice. They turned out to be good choices in the sense they did serve them fast.

The tilapia was good. It was crispy. And they give different sauces or dips. The serving was also big so we didn't have problems if we ordered just two dishes.

If the tilapia was good, the crispy boneless pata was a big disappointment. It was not only 'not boneless' but it also has less meat. It would have been more acceptable if they did not call it crispy boneless pata but hard less-meat pata.

The tinapa rice was great. It has that distinct tinapa and itlog na maala (salted egg) taste. The sisig rice was not as good. It tasted like steamed rice soaked in soy sauce. Just to prove to you my point, look at the following picture.

Will I go back? If only for the tinapa rice and tilapia, yes, I will. Besides their service is fast and the waiters and waitresses are very accommodating.

Mesa Restaurant can be found at Greenbelt 5 facing the landscaped garden leading to the Greenbelt Chapel.

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