Thursday, March 08, 2012

Saisaki/Dad's Eat All You Can (Japanese Buffet +++)

I was at Dad's last week. We originally planned to eat at the Saisaki part only but we were told by the lady who seated us that the price difference is only P40 (or was it P80) so we decided to just have a crossover.

As usual, the food they served at the Saisaki area was very good. Super yumyum. I had various kinds of sushi and sashimi. But the best for me of course was the uni. I so love uni. Then I also had sukiyaki. It's nice 'coz prepare in front of you.

I also went to the Kamayan portion. I had a few pieces of lechon. Sorry, I know it's not part of my healthy diet but I couldn't resist. Then I got a small slice of angus beef.

Eat all you or buffet a Dad's is always good. For a little over P600 you can eat a little of everything you are craving for.

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