Thursday, August 16, 2012

VOUCHERS and DEALS - do you really get a good deal?

What can you say about deals and vouchers that are very popular these days? Do you think we really save a lot by buying these vouchers?

If you look at the deals you will at once say you are saying a lot. I mean a 40 - 60 % discount is BIG, right? I've availed several food deals already and I must say they are all worth it. PANALO.

But you know what my problem is about these vouchers? Fake vouchers? Scam? No! I have not experienced those. My problem is that these deals are good it makes you become addicted. There are very good deals that sometimes, even if you do not need something, you end up buying because of the money you'll supposedly save. Hay! In the long run, instead of really being able to save, you end up spending more.

But boy I'm not complaining. I'm not also in denial. lol. For now I'm enjoying these great deals (mostly food vouchers for me) so....

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