Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kangaroo Jack - a not-so-special menu and an expensive 'charging' rate

June 12, 2013. Independence Day. Holiday.

My friend and I decided to go to a restaurant to finish some work we brought home. I don't usually bring work home but since it's the middle of the week and I can't go out of town, I decided to just bring some to occupy my time. We chose The Hub located at the Rizal Par, Luneta, beside Chines Garden. It's described as an upscale lounge facility owned and operated by 2Go. When we got there we were surprised by the sign at the door that says "CLOSED". I didn't expect that The Hub would be close because it's a holiday and it is located right at the heart of one of the places that a lot of people visit especially during holidays.

We then decided to go to another restaurant near Luneta. Again, the place is closed. What on earth is happening? We had no choice but to go to Robinson's Manila to find a restaurant or a coffee shop where we could charge our laptops so we could finish our work.

We saw this restaurant called Kangaroo Jack at the ground floor of the mall. It has an eat-all-you-can merienda with unlimited red iced tea for only P 189. Before we got in we asked the waitress standing by the door if they have electric outlets where we could plug-in our laptops and she said yes. So we got in and started with our buffet meal.

They had 2 kinds of pasta -- spaghetti (with red sauce) and pesto. They also  had chicken adobo, meatballs and steamed rice. There's soup with toast. They also had nachos and banana fritters or mini turon with chocolate syrup.

The spaghetti is ordinary. The pesto is good but there's also nothing especial about it. Same with the adobo. Modesty aside, I could cook better adobo. What I really like is their nachos because of the salsa. The tomatoes and onions were cut small but not very small to the point that they would look like purees. The banana fritters is also good --  not too sweet and the wrap is crispy with the filling kept soft.

While we were eating we were told that charging is allowed but is only free for the first 15 minutes. They charge P 50 for the succeeding hour. We were surprised by this but just said okay because we have already started with our buffet meals. Then on my second round (hey, this is eat-all-you-can, lol), another waiter (a Richard Poon look alike I almost looked for Maricar, lol) approached us to say that they charge P 100 per hour for charging laptops. The P 50 rate they earlier told us is for cellular phones. I felt it was too much so we just decided to leave the place. That is after we get some more helpings from their not-so-special eat-all-you-can table.

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