Monday, July 01, 2013

How to Prevent Yourself from Getting too Hungry while Attending Wedding Celebrations

Four Sisters and a Wedding is now showing in local cinemas. I heard there are long lines at the cinemas which is a bit expected because you have 5 popular lead stars who have their legions of fans. Angel Locsin would probably have the most but I'm sure the others are not far behind. However, the buzz about the movie is not as strong as that of other Star Cinema films like No Other Woman and It Takes a Man and a Woman.

Anyway, what's a movie doing again in a food blog? Actually, this entry is about weddings. Yeah! Weddings!

Suffering from hunger is part and parcel of weddings. You see, the time indicated in wedding invitations is actually an hour earlier than the actual start of the wedding rites. You're a good guest so you arrive on time (or perhaps even  earlier) so you'd have to wait for at least an hour before you get to hear the wedding rites. Then of course, wedding rites usually last an hour (some religions have longer) so that means another hour of waiting. Then there is pictorial. If you're lucky this would just last for like 30 minutes. Then you still have to travel to the venue of the wedding reception (time depends on how far the place is from the church --or wherever the the rites is done -- and the traffic situation). Then you'd have to sit for another hour waiting for the bride and the groom to arrive. You see, they are still out having another set of pictorials (for the SDE or same day edit video presentation or other stuff). You think that when they arrive you can already eat! Well, think again. There are still traditions that have to be accomplished -- throwing of bouquet and garter which takes so long because single guests like to play hide and seek, cutting of the cake, first dance, second dance, last dance, nth dance, etc. Then when the emcee declares that dinner is served, you can't still go running to the buffet table because you  still have to wait for your table nuember to be called. Once your number is called, you still have to go to the table of the bride and groom to have your picture taken with them.

When you finally get to the buffet table, you're already too tired to even enjoy what's presented in front of you. So what now? Here are some tips to prevent your hunger from going to levels that could rival that of the people in some African regions.

1. I am almost tempted to say go to the wedding late. But that of course is not good. I'd still say you should follow what is written in the invitation. But bring with you crackers or biscuits and a small bottle of mineral water. A small pack of biscuits (something that could easily fit your purse or your breast pocket) will do the trick.

2. Have a heavy snacks before going to the wedding. This could be a problem, though, for those whose dress or suit is already too tight. If this is the case, then just go back to option 1. You wouldn't want to look like you've gained 10 overnight, do you?

3. Bring a piece of candy. This will help abate hunger. Coffee candy would be good because it help prevent you from being too hungry and sleepy at the same time.

4. When you reach the reception venue, look for the cocktails table. When you see that they serve cocktails, it should be an indication to you that they are anticipating delays so go grab a few bites. Again. Few. Bites. Don't make yourself look as if you've not eaten in days by eating too much. Even if they just serve chips and nuts, have some. That would help.

5.  If there are no cocktails, ask the waiters for a glass of water. This will surely help.

Any of these will help you from getting too hungry. But should you still come to the point that you're feeling really, really, really hungry when you reach the buffet table , stop yourself from getting a lot of food. Trust me, you will not be able to finish them all. Get a cupful of soup, a small plate of greens -- salad -- and just enough of the other food.

How did I start this post again? Oh....Four Sisters and a Wedding!

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