Monday, January 20, 2014

Paul French Bakery Restaurant

It was my first time to go to SM Aura last week. It looks different from all the SM Malls I've been. It is more elegant than the rest. It's cleaner too. And I was surprised that it actually smells good. I think they have centralized air-freshener spraying system (whatever they call it). Anyway, the reason I went there is not really look at the place but to visit Paul French Bakery Restaurant (Le restaurant du boulanger).

Paul French Bakery Restaurant was recently featured by Ms. Kris Aquino on KrisTV, her daily morning show over at ABS-CBN. I'm sure there are a lot of people watching that show and one of them happens to be my friend. She asked me and another friend to check out the place.

Paul is right next to one of the entrances of SM Aura. It is not a big restaurant. There are maybe 10 tables or 15 tops. And there is also a small bakery inside where bread and pastries are sold.When we arrived the place was almost full. There is actually only one vacant table but since there were no other customers in line we got to occupy that table. 

It took us quite a while before we decided on what to order. The names of the food are in French so it was quite difficult to choose what to eat. There's English description for each item on the menu but you still need to focus well so you don't get order something you can't later on eat.

I ordered Saute de poulet aux champignons. The descriptions says  its chicken in creamy mushroom sauce. It's served with slices of Paul's country bread and some greens. The food actually tasted good. The chicken is tender. The sauce is flavorful. The bread really suits well with the chicken in mushroom sauce but unfortunately there is not enough of it for the entire dish.  I asked the waiter if I could order extra slices of bread but he said they only provide one serving. Ooooppps! I was somehow reminded that this is not an ordinary restaurant where you can order "extra" rice.

My friends ordered Cuisse de poulet rotie and an open sandwich whose name I forgot to write. The description says roasted chicken with herbs, served with salad, potatoes and shallots. It's like your regular roasted chicken except that it has lots of herbs to give it flavor. The chicken actually absorbed the flavor unlike other roast chicken whose flavor who is concentrated only the skin.

We also had creme brulee. It was good because it was not too sweet. It also has a very fine texture. One order was enough for the three of us. 

The whole experience at Paul French Bakery Restaurant was good. The long travel was worth it. It's good my friend saw Paul French Bakery restaurant on KrisTv.

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