Monday, June 30, 2014

Unique Nutrition Week Costumes for Kids

Tomorrow is the start of Nutrition Month Celebrations in Philippine Schools. And I'm sure, many parents are now searching for costumes for their children. A year ago, I posted a blog (Vegetables and Fruits - Homemade Costumes for Nutrition Week Celebration) about homemade nutrition week costumes (click on the link to see it again). Here now are additional tips that you can follow if your kids are asked to wear nutrition week costumes for this month's school programs. Warning: these are not the usual suggestions you'll get. Unique they are, actually.

1. Sir Isaac Newton - let your child wear an Isaac Newton costume. Search on the net for his pictures. There are lots of them. So how do you relate it to nutrition? Easy. Cut out a big illustration of an apple. Then attach it to a stick (or a spring) which in turn is attached to a headband. When your child wears the headband, the apple should look as if it is about to fall on his head.

2. You can also let your child wear a smurfs costume. Nutrition? Let him carry an umbrella designed like a mushroom.

3. Let your child wear a ninja costume. Nutrition? Attach cut outs of fruits on his shirt, pants and on his head. Fruit Ninja!

4. Draw and cutout a big ipad. Actually, you need to make two - front (screen) and back (as in back cover). Then let her hold an illustration of an apple -- of course with a single bite.

I hope these helps.

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