Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Amber Pancit Malabon, Pichi-Pichi and Pancit Puti

I know the holiday season is over and there aren't as many parties anymore but this post is about something you can have for parties -- there are parties other than Christmas parties, right? Well, I'm talking about pancit sa bilao.

One restaurant that makes pancit is Amber. It is known for The Original Pancit Malabon and Pichi-pichi. But they have other good products like their Spaghetti, Barbecue and Chicken Lollipop. 

Many like their pancit Malabon because of the big shrimp slices they add on top. It compliments that distinct Pancit Malabon taste. Their Pichi-pichi is good too. The one with cheese is loved by many but I like the original version which is the one with coconut. I heard they have a new variant - with honeyed peanut something that I have yet to sample. Their Spaghetti is well loved by Filipino kids. By that I think you already have an idea how it tastes.

I also like their Sotanghon Guisado. It reminds me of how pancit at hoome tastes.  But my recent favorite is Pancit Puti. It is like your regular pancit guisado but without that brown coloring which is obviously due to the use of soy sauce. You'll be surprised that even if it is "colorless" it is really tasty. I must admit though that I like the Pancit Puti of another store better than theirs. It has more of the garlic flavor that I'mlooking for.

I'm not sure of the branch in Makati (Filmore Street, Palanan - near Cash and Carry) is the original store but I knowit's been there since I started working in Makati during the late 90s. The nice thing about Amber is that they have "dine in", "take out" and "delivery" services. For inqquiries, call 884-8888. It's a call center so no need to look for the number of the branch near you.

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Lou-Ann Sabino said...

I love amber's pichi-pichi and their pansit luglug. We always order it everytime there's a birthday celebration at the office when I was working in Manila.

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