Friday, April 17, 2015

Gourmet Street Balls Recipe

Do you eat squid balls, chicken balls, kikiam and fishballs? I like these street foods. But my friends always tell me I should be careful because these street foods are not clean and I could get a lot of diseases. Sometimes I listen to them but more often than not, I  don't. I just go out and "make tusok-tusok" the fishballs whenever I want. But I also tried to make my own version of this at home for those times I listen to my friends and get afraid of all the germs they are talking about. You can cook this meal (which I call Gourmet Street Balls) for lunch or dinner. It's easy to prepare and it's cheap.

Here's the simple recipe for Gourmet Street Balls


1small pack of fishballs
1 small pack of squid balls
1small pack of chicken balls
1small pack of kikiam
500 grams mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, green peas)
1 can of button mushrooms
2 sachets of oyster sauce

1. Fry the fishballs, squid balls, chicken balls and kikiam. Set aside.
2. Saute onion and garlic in a pan.
3. Add the button mushrooms and mixed vegetables.
4. Add the fried fishballs, squid balls, chicken balls and kikiam.
5. Put the oyster sauce and simmer.

Additional notes for this very affordable meal:
  • You can add hot sauce if like it spicy. 
  • You can add sliced young corn. 
  • I once added soda (sprite, 7-up) to make it sweet and spicy. I think I added about 1/2 cup but I'm not sure because I didn't measure. You just do it according to how you like it.
  • Quail eggs can also be added. 
Enjoy this recipe. Again, it's very affordable so no worries. You can double your ingredients without hurting your budget.


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