Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to make your kids eat vegetables

So your kids do not like to eat vegetables! They prefer fried chicken, hamburger, and hotdogs. You're worried about their health. What can you do? What must you do?

A good way to make them eat vegetables is to include them in the food that they like. For example when you are making the hamburger patties you can put finely chopped carrots and cucumber. They wouldn't know you added veggies unless you tell them so.

Instead of letting them eat hotdog sandwiches or hotdog on sticks, make omelet. Chop the hotdogs and add chopped veggies like carrots, peas and bell pepper. You can also add tomatoes and corn kernels.

You can also use the fried chicken as a hiding place for the vegetables. For tips on how to do this, please see my previous blog.

Letting young kids eat vegetables need not be challenging. All you need to do is to just be a little creative. Follow the tips mentioned here or experiment. There are lots of things that you can do if you just let your imagination run a little wild.

Good luck!

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