Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Prepare for Your Date on Valentine's Day

On Monday, the Philippines will once again turn red because it's Valentine's Day. Prices of flowers will definitely go up starting tonight. Groceries and supermarkets will need to put up 'SOLD OUT' signs on their chocolate racks in the nest coming days. Restaurants will most likely start turning down reservations for dinners on Sunday and Monday evenings. So, if you have not made the necessary preparations for Monday, you will probably have a difficult time. But no need to worry. I have here some suggestions for you -- in areas pertaining to food/dinner of course.

Buying chocolates

1. Since SOLD OUT signs are up in grocery stores, look for chocolates to give to your loved ones in your neighborhood pastry shops or bakeshops. They most likely have enough stocks for you. 
 2. You can also check out school canteens and stores outside schools. They usually have lots of chocolates sold during this season. They offer chocolates in different shapes, sizes and colors. The nice thing here is that they come at very reasonable prices -- student prices actually. 
3. Buy local chocolates of different shapes and sizes. Then put them inside beautiful boxes (which you can get in bookstores) or bottles. 
4. There are also chocolate stalls in malls where you can buy chocolates of different flavors by the kilo or per scoop. You can put these chocolates in boxes or bottles as described above.  
Dinner date

1. Famous restaurants are most likely full so instead of waiting in line (which could definitely ruin the romantic atmosphere), bring your date to small restaurants that are less popular but also serve great food. There are usually hole in the wall restaurants in villages or subdivisions. You can also find good ones outside big universities. 
2. Take her to the canteen of the school where you met each other. That will surely bring in good memories. However, not all schools will allow graduates/outsiders to go in during school days.And not a lot of schools are open in the evening.
3. Bring your date to a good barbecue/fish ball stand. It is definitely not your typical date place but it can be a romantic one if you know how to be creative.

What to avoid

If your date is still not your girlfriend, observe the following
1. Pasta may not be a good food to order especially if you know you can be 'messy' when you eat. You do not want to have sauce marks when on your shirt, do you?
2. Also avoid food that has a lot of sauce for the same reason.
3. If you'll eat steak, practice using fork and knife. 
4. Avoid eating food with lots and lots of garlic and onion. You do not want your breath smelling bad for whatever might happen next. If you must, bring breath freshener.

You still have a few days to prepare. Good luck.

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