Monday, April 04, 2011

Heading for CWC? - Eat at Kapitbahay Food Center in Gumaca, Quezon

When you think of going on a vacation, what is the first place that comes into mind? Chances are you'll say Boracay. Or perhaps Palawan. Or maybe even Bohol. These are the popular vacation places that we have here in the Philippines. And this is expected because these are really beautiful places. But in the past few years, another place is gaining popularity among tourists. This place is the CWC or Camsur Watersports Complex in Camarines Sur. This is in the Bicol region - south of Luzon. It is a 6 - 8 hour drive from Metro Manila.

6 to 8 hours is quite a long trip so I'm sure at some point you would want to stop to look for a good place to eat. One ideal stop would be Gumaca, Quezon. It is a small town that is about an hour drive from Lucena City - the provincial capital. Here you can find a very good family restaurant where you can have a great meal. Ask anybody for a good place to eat and they'll point you to Kapitbahay Food Center.

Kapitbahay has two branches. The original branch is along the highway while the second branch - which is actually bigger - is on a small street perpendicular to the highway. It is actually at the back of the former.

There are a lot of different dishes that you can order to satisfy every member of your group. I'll describe some of them for you.

Do not leave the place without trying their Pancit Lucban - yes, you do not need to go  to Lucban, Quezon where this type of pancit originated. You can have one of the best Pancit Lucbans in this part of the province. Kapitbahay's pancit is saucy that's why it is really flavorful. It is best eaten with vinegar. I don't know why vinegar is the best partner of Pancit Lucban but people have been using this for as long as I can remember.

You can also try their spaghetti. They have a very good Filipino style spaghetti that people of all ages will love. And just like in any birthday party, their spaghetti is best paired with fried chicken. Kapitbahay's fried chicken is very crunchy. Actually, my problem with their fried chicken is that I cannot stop at having just one piece. Surely, you or your kids will ask for extras. But do not worry, food at Kapitbahay is affordable. Even if you are on a tight budget you will not have problems.

You should also try their fresh lumpiang ubod. Unlike lumpiang ubod served here in the metro, they use soft ubod. You wouldn't have the feeling that you are eating coco lumber which is usually the case in many Manila restaurants. I just don't know if they serve this everyday.

The next time you'll go to the Bicol region (whether in Cam Sur, Albay to see Mayon Volcano, the Caramoan, Donsol to see the butanding, or the Misibis Bay), make sure to drop by Kapitbahay Food Center in Gumaca, Quezon.



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