Friday, April 15, 2011

Pixie's Delivery Service - Good or Bad Service?

It's Friday! It's the last Friday before Good Friday!

Why  am I saying this? Well, this morning, I was thinking of what I am going to write for this blog. I have several restaurants lined up but I didn't feel like writing about them because I  would be talking about meat. It's Friday and I don't want to tempt the readers who are observing the Catholic tradition of abstinence. At around 10 am, I already made a decision not to write anything for today anymore.

At about the same time, we decided to order lunch at Pixie's Sinugba. I wasn't going to write about it though because I already have a blog post about it (click here). Anyway, we ordered inihaw na rellenong bangus and bangus embotido. The lady who answered the call got our name, telephone number and address. She then said she will be forwarding our order to the nearest branch which is the one in Pasong Tamo, Makati. I asked that the food be delivered before 12 noon. She said okay. After a few minutes we received a call informing us that they do not have rellenong bangus and embotidong bangus anymore so we changed our order to inihaw na bangus and sizzling  crabmeat.

12:00 noon came and no Pixie's Sinugba. 12:05 pm and still no Pixie's Sinugba. I decided to call  them again. I asked the lady who took my order if the food is already on its way. She said she'll ask the branch. After talking on another line she told me that the food will arrive before 1 pm. No specific time was given - she just said maybe between 12:30 to1 pm. I said that cannot be. The agreement was before 12 noon. She said the branch informed her that they have a lot of orders. I told her it's not my problem. I asked her to call again the branch and ask them if  they can do something to deliver it earlier. She talked again on another line but ended up with the same answer. They simply couldn't deliver it earlier than 12:30. I told her that we were not informed of this delay. I told her we should have been informed. That would have given us opportunity to make adjustments. They can't say  they cannot contact us because they were able to do so when they told us our first order is not available. She couldn't say anything but sorry.  She said it should have been the branch who should have informed us of that. I said it's useless to point fingers because the damage has been done. I also told her to cancel the order because we are no longer interested.

Restaurants with delivery services should be careful in giving the expected time of delivery so as not disappoint the paying customers. In case that they will not be able to deliver on time, they should have the decency to inform the customers. If they cannot do these, they will really have a lot of problems. They should stop their delivery services and just concentrate on dine-ins or take-outs.

What Pixie's did to us today is definitely wrong. It is very unprofessional, to say the least. We are really disappointed with their bad service.

If there is  any good thing that came out of this mess, that is it gave me something to write about.

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Anonymous said...

If I were you I will also be very disappointed with how they treat there valued customers. I hate delays specially when it comes to food, I freak-out hehehehehe.... Although its not just Pixie's Sinugba that has this kind of problem I guess a lot of Food companies would also make the same mistake even the big ones, like wendy's, Mcdo, jollibee, shakeys, pizza hut. Gosh... anyway I just want to support your blog we share the same sentiment. I hope all of this food companies should strengthen there delivery services and customer handling approach.


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